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Beauty of Russia there was a student from Novosibirsk Sofia Larin

For the first time for all history of national competition Beauty of Russia it passed not in Moscow, and in Petrozavodsk. For two weeks to its beginning to Kareliya profits of 67 girls from different regions of our country.

- It was heavy, - admitted Liza Malov, representing Kareliya. - it was necessary to rise on an hour earlier to have time to take a shower. Laid down after twelve o`clock in the morning. Were engaged much, sometimes girls even fell asleep on a floor, on training.

It is necessary to tell and that this year for the first time not only the competition venue, but also the relation to beauty parametres have changed. In - the first, growth of some young ladies was less than 180 standard centimetres, varied from 169 to 192. In - the second, the modelling sizes 90 - 60 - 90 too were not predominating. At some girls they were more. Age of pretenders - from 15 till 23 years, some still study at high school, the majority - in higher educational institutions and which - who has already got education.

For the main show to Petrozavodsk have brought and have mounted directly on quay of Onega of designs of 160 tons and the diversified equipment.

the Rank Beauty of Russia 2008 has got to the native of the city of Kemerovo Sofia Larinoj. To the girl of 20 years, its growth of 178 centimetres, weight of 58 kgs, now she studies in Novosibirsk university of means of communication. The first place at the student of the second year of the Tver state technical university Ekaterina Kopylovoj. Its growth also 178 centimetres. On the second place one more native of Kemerovo - Jeanne Vlasevsky, to it 23 years, it has finished the Kuzbass state technical university. Growth of the girl of 175 centimetres. All these girls - brunettes. And only on the third place the blonde, student Sankt - the Petersburg university Anna Vishnevskaya, its growth of 169 centimetres.

Beauty of Russia except an obligatory crown, has received as a gift the car Mercedes . Two other winners - newcomers Fordy and to Ane Vishnevskaya presented ornaments with brilliants. Did not remain without gifts and other participants of competition.