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Municipal officials of Kareliya have decided to refuse extra charges to salaries

Some municipal officials of Kareliya have decided to fill up the budget of the formations at the expense of economy of own salaries because as they consider, in the conditions of financial crisis, is more useless to show off and demand any extra charges for itself personally.

Heads of administration and districts of the city of Kostomuksha have written the application in which have refused the extra charge to the salary. Mayor Vyacheslav Shapoval has explained that it was their personal initiative, and anybody to such step did not force the first persons of a city. Ten-percentage extra charges to official salaries have been removed from all employees of administration of Kostomuksha and consequently the first heads have considered that have no moral right to remain with extra charges. As financiers, as a result of these actions the budgetary economy directed on reduction of expenses on management personnel have already estimated, has made two million roubles. For small northern city is a decent sum.

the Mayor of other small city   Olonets Gennady Stepanov also has acted with the similar initiative - has refused the extra charge, having counted, what not time now for increase in salaries, a situation in a city difficult, it is necessary to manage to distribute the small budget, to patch all holes, to pay money to state employees. Employees of administration of Olonets have listened to arguments of the mayor, but the offer have not supported. They not only remained at the salaries, but since 2009 will receive for 30 percent more.