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To students of the Ural economic high school have offered delays on payment

the Management of the Ural state economic university has declared readiness to meet platnikam appeared in a difficult financial position. As the rector of high school Michael Fedorov, in the list of measures of support offered students - prolongation of terms of payment of training has told. Under the statement of the student the decision   about a delay   accepts specially created   an anti-recessionary staff. Thus   vacation on payments can make   from one till several years.

So, for pupils of the first - the fourth years a deadline of repayment of a debt is date of delivery of the diploma. The document will give on hands in exchange for the receipt on full calculation with university. The corresponding point is brought   in the contract concluded with each   from applicants. The exception will be made only for pupils 5 - h courses. To pay off with alma - mater they can after will get a job.

- We are assured that our students will not violate a condition   contracts, - the rector declares. - and training on credit we consider as long money.

As he said, the taken measures of support will extend   on the children who have remained out-of-pocket from - for financial crisis. Thus to distinguish needing students from those who will try to mow under the poor man it is possible for a management.

it is necessary to notice that one of the reasons   introductions of anti-recessionary measures there was an outflow of children in the past autumn. From - for absence of means the high school was left by 36 persons that twice more than in 2007. The entered delay 20 students trading - economic and engineering faculties already have used. For training they   pay on 50 thousand roubles a year. The most expensive (90 thousand roubles a year) is the financial faculty. As a whole   on commercial   in UrGEU 920 children are trained in a basis. These are two thirds of total of students of high school.

- the Number of students which cannot pay for training, will grow multiply already till the end of this year, - assures Feodors. -   our problem - not to admit their mass outflow.

Except financial vacation, in the list of anti-recessionary measures operating at university   the flexible hours of payments are included, have started to work   psychological service. For interested persons sovmeshchatt study   and work   the special course - training   is entered;   Employment - communicative skills .