Rus News Journal

In Average Ural Mountains have detained group skinheads hardly not killed citizen of Georgia

As have informed in Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on UrFO, group aggressively adjusted to inovertsam   teenagers were headed by the girl by name of Oksana. Britogolovye pupils of the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE openly showed hostility to persons of not slavic appearance. Guest workers whom they quite often beat became their victims. But this time they have surpassed themselves.

In one of evenings, roughly having noted 15 - letie   one of members of group, seven friends have gone to spend drinking companions to a tram stop.   the birthday man has taken a knife. At a stop friends have noticed non-russian . It has appeared it 29 - the summer citizen of Georgia Arthur Vardanjan. Drunk teenagers have attacked on the victim, have tumbled down the person   on the earth also began to kick with heavy boots with titanic plates on tiptoe, and the birthday man has struck Vardanjana a knife. Having decided that the victim is killed,   britogolovye have run away, without having forgotten to take at non-russian a mobile phone.

Having returned on apartment where celebrated birthday,   peteushniki led by the atamanshej have continued pjanku, having noted a victory and special merits of the birthday man, dared to strike the person a knife. Wound, however, has appeared not dangerous, in some days   Arthur Vardanjan was discharged from hospital and, not to tempt destiny, has left home. And for advocates cleanliness of the nation undertook pravoohraniteli.

SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on Sverdlovsk area has filed criminal charges under article of the criminal code of Russian Federation the Organization of extremist community and article Deliberate causing of heavy harm to the health, made on motive of national, racial, religious hatred or enmity . If the fault of the accused is proved, it are threatened with imprisonment for the term from three till ten years.

Meanwhile, in GU the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Russia on UrFO notice that in the field of their attention groups of the young men openly showing hostility to representatives of other nationalities even more often get. And to reveal crimes concerning visitors of foreigners difficult enough. Mainly because victims do not address in militia, and, on the contrary, disappear to avoid revenge of extremists or undesirable check from law-enforcement bodies.