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Sergey Storchaka`s investigation of the case is renewed

the Investigation of the case of the deputy minister of the finance of the Russian Federation of Sergey Storchaka renewed.

the consequence is renewed, as business is united with Igor Krugljakova`s business which has been allocated earlier in separate manufacture - have told in the Ministry of Finance.

  Sergey Storchak has been detained on November, 15th, 2007. Article " is incriminated to it; attempt at plunder by swindle in especially large size the organised group .

Vitse - prime minister Alexey Kudrin repeatedly stated support of Storchaku and said that considers business unfair and not having the bases. The investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor has unexpectedly changed on October, 21st, 2008 Storchaku a preventive punishment to a subscription about nevyezde though still on October, 3rd the Moscow City Court under the consequence petition has prolonged to it term of arrest till November, 15th. Next day after clearing of Storchak has issued holiday for two months. Now Sergey Storchak does not get acquainted with business. It on - former is in holiday which will last till the spring. On Monday of the deputy minister for the first time after clearing will appear on public action - a round table devoted to development of world and Russian financial architecture. Sergey Storchak plans to give the report, thus it will act not as the official, and as the expert and the private person.