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On the detained robber militiamen have found out stolen by it varezhki

In the Kemerovo region militiamen have detained the criminal who has selected at the girl   not only a handbag, but also not disdained to take away from it varezhki.

about four o`clock in the morning in militia the girl has called. She has informed that some minutes ago it have plundered at an entrance.

the Signal has accepted private security crew. Combing the nearest court yard and streets, militiamen have paid attention to the suspicious guy. At the sight of a patrol car the young man tried to hide for a house corner, and has then taken to the heels in court yard. About ten minutes employees of private security chased the suspected. As a result of the fugitive have detained. Fairly it was necessary to tinker with it: the guy constantly tried to escape and persistently resisted.

At survey under outer clothing of the suspect militiamen have found out a female bag, documents addressed to the victim, 250 roubles, flat keys and a cellular telephone.

In the arrested person the victim has identified at once the offender. Attentively having inspected it, the girl has unexpectedly burst out laughing: Look, it mine varezhki with florets a plot .

the Girl has told to militiamen that the guy has unexpectedly blocked it a way directly at an entrance of the house and   has roughly demanded to give values. When the victim has disagreed, it has sharply pushed away her and has pulled out a handbag from hands.

the Ministry of Internal Affairs