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Inhabitants of Africa and polar explorers have seen a solar eclipse

On the Earth on Monday the solar eclipse first in 2009 - this time this so-called koltseobraznoe an eclipse at which the Moon closes the Sun disk not completely and so that is along the edges visible bright solar " is observed; a border surrounding a dark lunar disk.

This time the Moon will close about 93 % of a solar disk.

According to the data published on a site of NASA, the lunar shade has concerned the Earth around southern Atlantic in 06. 06 across Greenwich (09. 06 Moscow time). Then the strip of an eclipse in width has passed of 363 kilometres approximately in 900 kilometres to the south of Africa and crosses Indian ocean. The maximum phase the eclipse has reached in 7. 58 across Greenwich (10. 58 Moscow time).

the Lunar shade will cross the Indonesian islands Sumatras, Java, and also island Borneo and will leave a surface of the Earth in 09. 52 across Greenwich (11. 52 Moscow time) around islands Mindanaos (Philippines).

the Private eclipse could see inhabitants of the south of Africa, polar explorers in Antarctica, inhabitants of Madagascar, southern India and Indochina, Indonesia and Australia (except for Tasmania).

the Following solar eclipse will occur on July, 22nd, 2009. It will be full, he can be seen in the central India, Nepal and Butane.

RIA Novosti news agency