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The government will support manufacturers of mineral fertilizers zero export duties

On Monday of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin has arrived to Great Novgorod on the chemical enterprise of Open Society Akron which makes mineral fertilizers and it is considered the fourth on size in Europe. On the taken place ambassador of survey of factory meeting speech has come about zeroing of export duties on mineral raw materials and fertilizers and creation of state holdings into branches.

Zeroing or sharp decrease in duties for production export became recently to one of the basic measures of support offered by the government. Struggling with global financial crisis, the White house the similar help expects to support the real sector of economy suffering from falling of demand in the world markets. So, almost one week ago Vladimir Putin has signed the decision which has nulled export duties for nickel and copper cathodes.

Yesterday Putin has declared that zeroing of export duties on minsyre and fertilizers (the idea has been offered minpromtorgom) should be accompanied by guarantees of deliveries to home market. After all, according to the head of the government, now deliveries of mineral production to home market are favourable, as the Russian chemical enterprises buy raw materials for manufacture at the internal prices, and they is considerable below the world. certainly, we should give support of this branch, a question only in balance of interests - the prime minister has counted. The deputy minister of the industry and trade Denis Manturov has dispelled doubts, having informed that between Association of agricultural manufacturers and Association of manufacturers of mineral fertilizers the agreement in which volumes of deliveries to the next five years are registered is signed. Meaning that at us in this sector of absolute market relations is not present, others sektory market economy, in particular agriculture, have the right to the liberal relation defined to them - Putin has told, having noted importance of intermediate term and long-term contracts between landowners and manufacturers minudobreny.

Meanwhile Manturov was not tired to defend export preferences for branch, assuring that such step will allow the enterprises to save money and to direct them on industrial modernisation. The last in turn, was told by the official, will entail reduction of prices on production for domestic agricultural manufacturers.

However as it was found out at meeting, the world prices above internal on 25 - 30 %, and Vladimir Putin in this respect has fairly noticed that the goods will go there where will cost more expensively . Yes, truth, 80 % of production already goes for export, Manturov admitted. Chemists will deliver so much fertilizers on home market, how many it is necessary, - the chairman of coordination council of Open Society " has entered discussion; Akron Vyacheslav Kantor. - we as members of a civil society perfectly understand our responsibility - for us this not heavy burden, not objazalovka for us . The Cantor has found the positive moments not only in a civic duty otraslevikov, but also in rouble devaluation. As he said, easing of a rate of national currency allows the enterprise to show profitableness at level 10 - 12 %.

to keep reduced prices of production for internal consumers, minpromtorg has urged to support also investment projects of manufacturers of mineral fertilizers, to develop networks of the agrochemical centres more actively and to create in branch state holdings.


In interview Bloomberg TV Vladimir Putin has passed an opinion optimism of intention of new US president Barack Obama to subject to the analysis a question on placing of elements of the ABM in the Eastern Europe. in Obama`s the nearest environment say that there is no necessity to hurry up with this placing of elements of the ABM and that this question needs the further analysis. We welcome similar statements - the Russian prime minister has underlined. It also has greeted positive signals from Obama of NATO expansion. I do not consider myself have the right to make recommendations to the new US president. He knows better that it can make and what actions are the most true. That we heard last weeks and months, inspires careful optimism - Vladimir Putin has underlined.

As to George Bush, Putin`s left Presidential Administration has shown discontent with a position with which eks - the president has occupied during Russian - the Ukrainian gas conflict. that has occurred to Ukraine last years, is in certain degree result of activity of former American administration and European with ojuza - the prime minister has told.