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The expert: the Share market in Russia can reject to level of 2003

the Share market of the Russian Federation has opened yesterday a small rise in prices, winning back locally risen in price oil on expectations of reduction of extraction from the OPEC. RTS index in an hour of the auctions for the account neftjanki could return on levels above 500 points.

However occasions to optimism on - former are not present, current week the new wave of sales which will reject the market in a corridor 450 - 500 points (levels of summer of 2003) is probable Against deficiency of roubles in the conditions of tax payments in the end of a month and expectations of the further devaluation of rouble.

On Wednesday, on January, 28th, session FRS the USA from which change of the rate from current level of 0,25 % annual do not wait will take place, on Friday there is preliminary data under gross national product of the USA for IV quarter which hardly will please investors (is expected gross national product decrease on 5 %).

last week the share market of the Russian Federation continued to search a bottom decreasing under the pressure of an external negative, and also against flight of investors from rouble actives. RTS index has fallen to 12 % and has rolled down below 500 points, from the beginning of year of loss of RTS have exceeded 21 %.

Week has begun with a collapse of an index of RTS to levels of 2004 - in area of 530 points from - for leaving of investors from actions in the conditions of proceeding falling of rouble. In Europe there was a pessimistic forecast of Eurocommission: Eurozone gross national product in 2009 will decrease on 1,9 % that becomes the first falling of economy following the results of a year from the moment of introduction in the euro reference in 1999.

Some support to actions Gazprom have rendered news about conflict end between Russia and Ukraine concerning delivery of transit of gas to Europe.

Tuesday in the market has passed also in a negative key, RTS index has fallen in area of 500 points. In home market rouble liquidity from - for absence of the cash which has left on the currency market that did not promote purchases of actions was essentially reduced.

Barack Obama`s Inauguration could not cause on January, 20th rally in stock markets where fears prevailed that to banks the additional capital can be demanded again. Index Dow Jones has fallen to 4 % that is record recoil for the inauguration day of the US president for all 112 - summer history of this indicator.

On Wednesday, on January, 21st, in the share and raw markets there was a rebound upwards on expectations that the plan of rescue of banks of Obama will support financial sector.

On Thursday recoil of the Russian actions has renewed, bank papers led by VTB, published the weak report for 9 months 2008 on MSFO (profit falling twice has exceeded expectations) have aloud given.

On Friday under the pressure of an external negative the share market of the Russian Federation has fallen below 500 points on RTS index after world platforms. Europe has fallen on the data about recession deepening in Great Britain, and in the USA there were weak reports of companies AMD and General Electric.