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Minpromtorg discusses possibility of creation of car assembly manufactures in the Far East

By February, 2nd a number of departments will present to the government the offers on mechanisms of realisation of measures of the state support of domestic automobile branch.

On it has informed last Friday on a round table devoted to results of work of car industry in 2008, the director of department of motor industry and agricultural mechanical engineering minpromtorga Alexey Rakhmanov.

It has reminded that it is a question of a series of measures, including interest rate indemnification under the consumer credits received by citizens on purchase of cars of the Russian manufacture. These rules are developed by the Ministry of Finance. By reduction of a cost of transportation on delivery of cars to the Far East are anxious in Open Society the Russian Railway . Thus Rakhmanov has underlined that Domestic car industry since the end 2005 - go - the beginnings of 2006 it also Ford, both Volkswagen, and Renault, and only 25 foreign manufacturers with world brands which have come to Russia within the limits of the governmental agreements about to industrial assemblage . Also have already constructed or in the near future will construct the factories in Russia. Therefore the state, according to Rakhmanov, pays much attention 70 - to the milliard market the Russian foreign cars providing release over one and a half millions cars year, creation of new workplaces and new technologies. As near to assembly factories on conditions of agreements manufactures of autocomponents will grow also.

However, the positive role of the foreign companies in development of the domestic market of cars to Rakhmanov should be defended, parrying arguments of opponents. One of them, the head of committee Trading - industrial chamber on business in automobile sphere, the chairman of board of directors avtoselhozmash - holding Alexander Kovrigin, tried to prove that too rough blossoming promsborki in Russia is fraught with the further decrease in a share of the market domestic the Zhiguli and the Harmony that foreign assembly factories needed to be built mainly in the Far East that stimulus on replacement of accessories of foreign manufacture domestic are not present. And to factories which create competitive accessories with application of the Russian materials and technologies, it is necessary to give indulgences. Thus existing agreements about promsborke, according to Kovrigina, provide too low rates and terms of localisation of manufacture domestic completing - 30 - 50 percent during 6 - 7 years. In the answer Alexey Rakhmanov has declared that does not divide the extreme criticism . Since 2002 release of cars has increased in Russia almost for 50 percent, on the average increasing in a year by 7 percent. And 2008 on a gain of manufacture of cars in general became record-breaking productive, having added 13,9 percent. According to Rakhmanov, two leading motor-car manufacturers consider possibility of the conclusion of investment agreements on expansion in Russia the production programs to 150 thousand cars. there Will be also others - Rakhmanov has noticed.

He has agreed that a problem of localisation of manufacture of autocomponents sushchestvet: while this indicator does not exceed 7 percent. The immediate task - to achieve, that a minimum of 30 percent of details of cars were made in territory of our country. Besides, according to Rakhmanov, minpromtorg together with minekonomrazvitija have spent a series of meetings which are devoted unification of rules of control from the government for each manufacturer who has incurred obligations on manufacture localisation.

As to creation of factories in a mode of industrial assemblage in Primorski Krai, that, according to Rakhmanov if someone from manufacturers who have signed agreements about promsborke, wants to open manufacture in this region, problems will not be. Moreover, minpromtorg now discusses with a number of motor-car manufacturers possibility of the prompt realisation of automobile assembly projects in the Far East.

Thus whatever critics of industrial assemblage spoke, and the buyer votes for it the rouble. A popularity gain the Russian foreign cars in 2008 - it is available.

Under preliminary forecasts if the series of measures on the state support of car industry is accepted domestic cars it will be sold in Russia this year not less 630 thousand made in frameworks promsborki - 515 thousand, and foreign cars it is imported in total 747 thousand.