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The number of the registered unemployed in Russia has grown to 1 million 549 thousand persons

Last night in the government House has passed weekly meeting on labour market monitoring. By already developed tradition with reports two governors have acted.

To the beginning of this week the regional authorities should report about the programs of struggle against unemployment. But heads of subjects do not hurry up: at present it is ready only two thirds of projects - the others in imposition. When all regional offers will be collected, them it is necessary to process and distribute the means allocated from the budget at a rate of 43,7 mlrd roubles on support of regional efforts on preservation of workplaces. Last week the president has charged to the plenipotentiaries to track a situation in the districts entrusted to it.

According to monitoring minzdravsotsrazvitija from 14 on January, 21st of officially registered unemployed in Russia was about 1 million 549 thousand persons. To the beginning of year at labour exchange was registered on 27 thousand citizens less. Most of all registered unemployed in capital, in Republic Altai, in Kursk and Vologda areas. The data has arrived in the ministry from regional placement services: how many the people who have remained without work, did not begin to be registered at stock exchanges, remains to unknown persons.

last week vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov supervising in the government a situation in the region of employment of the population, reported on prime minister Vladimir Putin on a labour market condition. As he said, dynamics for last weeks does not change. But there is a nuance: the number of those whom the employer has sent in temporary holiday at own expense has considerably increased or has reduced working hours, and accordingly - and a salary. According to all available information minzdravsotsrazvitija, the workers who were in idle time, the compelled holiday or employed for incomplete day, from the beginning of October, 2008 became already

548 875 persons. From three these unpopular measures employers preferred to cut down basically to employees working hours. For the same period number of the dismissed has reached 113 964 persons, from them have found work only 44 976 persons, including 22 911 persons - at the same enterprises.

Thus at the analysis of the salaries offered competitors in January, it becomes clear that in comparison with December their level has not grown, and the quantity of vacancies on a number of trades was reduced. Having decreased in the end of December on the average on 10 %, salaries, according to analysts, only will continue falling.