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The new constitution of Bolivia suggests to esteem a deity of Pachamamu

On Monday results of the constitutional referendum which has passed in Bolivia became known. During voting the majority of inhabitants was supported by changes in the organic law, offered by president Evo Morales. However in the near future the head of the state should to enjoy a victory, and to rescue the Bolivian society from definitive split.

the Project of the new constitution have approved about 62 percent of voters. Basically it is representatives of the poorest levels of population. here now we can say goodbye to the colonial past. The end to neoliberalism, the end latifundijam has come. We will correct how the people have wanted, and the people have wanted to change Bolivia - with such words of Morales has addressed to the supporters right after votings.

At the same time in four of nine Bolivian provinces - Santa - Krus, Beni, Pando and Tarihe - inhabitants have expressed Against the new constitution. These departments located in the south of the country, became a stronghold of oppositional Moralesu of rich businessmen - conservatives. Throughout last months they organised in under control to an ancestral lands scale protest actions against a policy of the president as a whole and the new project of the constitution in particular. As a result of mass riots some tens persons were lost. And rebellious regions declared intention to achieve a full autonomy from the centre, having threatened territorial integrity of the country.

However Morales has decided to insist on the as the offered constitutional amendments represented special importance not only for the country, but also for it personally - the made changes will allow the head of the state to remain on the post up to 2014. The law in force which forbade the same person to hold a post of the president two terms successively, during voting has been excellent. New elections of the head of the state on which with the big share of probability will win Morales, it is supposed to spend in December, 2009.

In the document position about convocation of the new congress a quota on places in which will receive representatives of American Indian tribes - indigenous population of Bolivia also contains. Besides, the project of the constitution approved on a referendum, enters obligatory studying of languages of American Indian nationalities, and also suggests to esteem at the state level a deity of ancient Indians of Pachamamu - the goddess of agriculture and fertility.

the Project also provides introduction of restrictions on the size of ground possession - point against which the international companies occupied in Bolivia with manufacture of agricultural production actively protested. It is easy to guess that representatives of business circles of Bolivia also have appeared not in delight from innovations.

However, despite intense conditions, the majority of experts are sceptical about prospect of full disintegration of Bolivia as the states. really, there confrontational tendencies are brightly expressed, there is an old conflict. Now in Bolivia there will be very long and difficult process of the coordination of positions between the government and opposition, maybe, there will be a time aggravation, but, finally, I think, will win common sense - the director of Institute of Latin America of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Davidov has declared. the matter is that for Bolivia such situation already became habitual, after all this country - the most turbulent in the history of Latin America. It is connected with variety of circumstances, first of all that the nation in Bolivia has not developed. Ethnic dissociation there is very great, and not only between Creoles - descendants of Spaniards and American Indian weight, but also between Indians, representatives about 30 different nationalities. Plus to that backwardness, non-uniformity in development of various regions, various degree of security natural resources. As a result there is a weight of contradictions - the academician has explained.