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Tom Cruise has brought to Moscow Operation Valkirija

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the Hollywood actor Tom Cruise has arrived to Moscow to present Bryan Singera`s film Operation Valkirija in which has played a leading role. The premiere of the film telling about German general Klause a background of Shtauffenberge and organised it in 1944 plot against Hitler, has passed in a cinema Pushkin on January, 26th. It is the first visit of the actor to Russia. Interview to Tom Cruise read in the nearest release RG - Weeks .

the Company to the actor was made by the director of a picture, and also a script writer Christopher MakKuorri, is told in RIA message News . At a meeting with journalists the actor admitted that its children`s dream was to kill Hitler. Nevertheless, prior to the beginning of shootings Cruise, by its recognition, was not a sign with history of the rebellious nazi general, but in process has studied all possible sources. Bryan Singer has told that during the shootings almost entirely passing in Germany, the group in addition to the basic work has removed a documentary film about events of that time. It is necessary to notice that the authorities of Germany, according to a number of agencies, reluctantly enough helped group, and in a number a case at all did not allow to remove on historical objects.

the Film leaves in hire on January, 29th.

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