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The president of Russia will congratulate inhabitants of Petersburg on a Victory Day of Leningrad

on January, 27th Day of military glory of Russia (Day of lifting of a blockade of a city of Leningrad) is celebrated. This day in   1944 the Soviet armies have completely raised fascist blockade of a city.

defence of Leningrad lasted 900 days and nights. The city - front in blockade has created hundreds kilometres of defensive works on which building worked about 1 million townsmen, in a national home guard has left more than 200 thousand persons. More than 19 thousand served in groups of antiaircraft defence. In the besieged city of hunger and illnesses has died and it is buried in communal graves about 1 million inhabitants, more than 300 thousand were lost from an exhaustion in evacuation, 500 thousand – in evacuation places, about 700 thousand – in front entrenchments. Blockade of Leningrad lasted from September, 8th, till January, 27th, 1944.

In commemoration of definitive lifting of a blockade on January, 27th 1944 in Leningrad salute has been given.

the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev together with fellow countrymen, inhabitants of St.-Petersburg, will take on Tuesday part in celebratory   actions.

on traditions, celebrating of anniversary number 14 on which wall the inscription is forever left will begin meeting on the Neva prospectus at the house: Citizens! At shelling this party of street is most dangerous . Memorial services will be devoted light memory of victims. On the Piskarevsky memorial cemetery and veterans, representatives of authorities will come to other places of brotherly burial places of inhabitants and defenders of a city and the public.

on Tuesday Dmitry Medvedev will hold in the Konstantinovsky Palace session of the Russian organising committee the Victory then together with veterans will assign flowers to a monument Mother - the Native land on the Piskarevsky memorial cemetery. This day performance of the Russian leader on the dramatized representation devoted 65 - j to anniversary of lifting of a blockade in the evening is planned. In summary Dmitry Medvedev will visit Nahimovsky military - sea school.

members of the International association of inhabitants of the blockade city will take part in celebrations, which profits from 62 regions of Russia and 13 states of abroad. The dramatized representation and a concert for inhabitants of blockade Leningrad will pass on the largest scenic platform of a city - in the Ice palace. Performance of stars of a platform, theatre and cinema becomes a grandiose show with use of technological achievements in the field of light and a sound.

at 19:00 the action spent for the first time " Moscow time will begin; a memory Candle during which time Petersburgers will light candles in the windows, and on channels of the notification of the Ministry of Emergency Measures the metronome will sound. Simultaneously in memory about fallen and in glory of live defenders the hero town will light torches on Rostral columns of the Arrow of Vasilevsky island.

at 21:00 Moscow time blokadniki will observe of celebratory salute from Peter and Paul Fortress walls. In this hour 65 years ago in Leningrad in which streets shells recently were torn, 24 volleys from 324 tools have thundered, reminds ITAR - TASS.