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The world economic forum in Davos will be opened by Vladimir Putin

Tomorrow, on January, 28th, in the Swiss city of Davos starts the World economic forum. For the first time representative action will be opened by the Russian prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin who will say half-hour introductory speech.

every year heads of the states and the governments gather in quiet and prosperous Switzerland, heads of large financial institutions and corporations and simply visible international figures that in mounting skiing resort atmosphere to discuss the most topical problems. By the main theme of a forum in 2009 it is named Formation of the epicritic world (last year world figures discussed Displacement of global balance of forces ) . Most likely, Davos - 2009 can become an ideal place for search of world anti-recessionary recipes. Organizers of action have warned at once 1400 registered participants - record number for all history of a forum, - that this year is necessary to them to work having rolled up sleeves . Delegates intend to concentrate on several key questions: stability of a financial system, restoration of global economic growth, a problem effective global, national and regional government in long-term prospect. The forum will last till February, 1st.

Vladimir Putin will arrive on the Swiss summit accompanied by the big landing of the Russian businessmen and bankers: LUKOIL the Base element Vympelcom VTB and many other things. Performance of the prime minister is planned right after a salutatory word of the president of Switzerland Hans - Rudolf Mertsa and the chairman of the Davos forum of Klausa Shvaba. The opening address at opening is traditional one person speaks. In 2006 start to Davos was given by Angela Merkel, shortly before that selected the German chancellor, in 2008 - m - US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice. Putin - one of leading world leaders, Russia - the key strategic partner for many countries and the leading supplier of power resources, - has explained the invitation to Putin to open the Davos forum the director for communications with mass-media Mattias Ljufkens. - We wait that it will present the vision of crisis as it is perceived in Russia, what ways of an exit from it .

However, to the Russian prime minister will give possibility not only to act, but also to enter discussion with participants. After the speech Vladimir Putin during a half an hour will answer questions. And, obviously, polemic will have interesting character, after all at a forum there will be European politicians and businessmen, and they for certain will take an interest at Putin about transit of the Russian gas in the Old World countries.

As to Light New the trips to Switzerland have cancelled the economic adviser of US president Barack Obama Larri Summers, the candidate on a post of Minister of Finance Timoti Gejtner and the head of Federal corporation of insurance of contributions of Shejla Bejr. The senior adviser of the White house of Valeri Dzharrett will represent States. Anyway, participation in forum work have confirmed more than 40 heads of the states and the governments. Among them German chancellor Angela Merkel and the prime minister - the minister of the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China Ven Tszjabao. Putin met the German leader during a recent trip to Berlin, and here with the Chinese prime minister bilateral negotiations are assumed.