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Experts hope that in Davos politicians will find overcoming the crisis ways

the World economic forum in Davos which opens tomorrow a little, absolutely was has withered, yes has suddenly revived: leaders of 41 countries will arrive to the Swiss small village, it is twice more than usual. The need has sent on errands: it is necessary to struggle with crisis. The Russian delegation intends to speak about dismantle of traditional financial institutions, which are selfish and inefficient and it is necessary to listen to it: the prime minister of the Russian Federation becomes the first lecturer. Last year the forum was opened the US State Secretary by Condoleeza Rice.

Crushed gas

the Theme of a reorganisation of the world - that about which it would be desirable to speak Russia, but from the Russia want, more likely to hear about gas crisis, by the way, come to the end one week prior to a forum. At the moment of a writing of these lines Ukraine was not defined with a nominee of the main delegate to Switzerland. However, the Ukrainian position not and is interesting, recognises in conversation with RBG a source close to organizers of a forum. Ukraine has told everything, having signed agreements, - he considers. - it is more important, as all this history is estimated at us . As - not secret: the Eurocommission has declared that Ukraine and Russia divide responsibility fifty-fifty with what Russia lips of ours the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rigidly disagreed. The main intrigue - who will oppose Putin from among leaders of the European countries as the USA hardly will act with bright statements. active workers it is necessary to search among suffered from gas short shipments, however, unfortunately for EU, there few significant figures (so, Italy, according to the Swiss mass-media, will refrain from sharp statements). They can follow from Poland, - source already quoted by us argues. - However the trust to Poland as to EU megaphone is a little undermined it nekonstruktivnoj in former Russian - the European trading conflicts. It is important, whether Czechia which formally heads EU begins to spoil relations with Russia. To it, however, Czechs have not enough reasons .

many believe that in practice gas dialogue in Davos will appear languid and predicted. Russia will state a set of known arguments, EU will expose a series of so jammed counterarguments, and to wait that or EU will refuse illusive intentions to build next Something bypassing Russia, or Russia will begin to brand strenuously Yushchenko going under the threat of impeachment, hardly it is necessary. The present intrigue will go round measures on crisis overcoming - experts believe.

Soft dismantle

the Irony consists what in a lobby of Davos the system unsteady nowadays in due time was born: Therefrom the North American agreement on free trade, and the WTO originate also. Fondly to believe that the party of liberals occupying Davos throughout decades, will simply hand over positions. However she should search for the compromise with party new dirizhistov confidently hiring new supporters. unprecedented skirmish between liberals from among businessmen and dirizhistami from among the officials frightened of development of crisis Is expected, - considers the Swiss source. - I would not regret money into place in the first row on this show .

Other line of an intrigue - visit simultaneously both the Russian prime minister, and Chinese. Will be linked they among themselves, what would be, possibly, it is desirable for certain groupings in the West, or will blow in one dudu? About a position of the prime minister of the Peoples Republic of China Ven Tszjabao is not known almost anything. But the probability bows with Russia is great - not without reason the Russian Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin very opportunely on the eve of Davos has visited Beijing.

he has officially declared to the first Putin`s personal meeting and Tszjabao in Davos. It posesses words that Russia and the Peoples Republic of China want to struggle with crisis together, and the minister has mysteriously told that as calls are non-standard, decisions will be non-standard also. Possibly, after Putin`s meeting and Tszjabao the joint statement of heads of the governments of two countries will follow, assumes the Swiss source in conversation with correspondent RBG.

Recently experts of the World economic forum have published the report in which, in particular, it is said that the world waits global economic reconstruction and that Russian - the Chinese trend will occupy the leading part in this design. In East block they give an in the lead role to China, truth, in definition of other leaders they have slightly got confused, without having managed to formulate, for example, a role of the USA, and Russia.

And it is not casual. By and large Davos, its ability to predict and create this year, as well as a world financial system, will be put on trial. If we do not hear from Davos anything the constructive world about a reorganisation hardly following forum will be perceived with such attention. shareholders Davos it do not want, whether but all depends on their desire? Anyway, organizers of a forum could not cope with such simple problem, as bridling of antiglobalists. After fluctuations the government of Switzerland has forbidden them to hold a meeting that has caused sharp protests right, left and to a heap green in Switzerland which have beheld attempt at freedom . Whether to these people the world to change?

That you wait from Davos?


Galina Voronchenkova , the director of National institute of development of modern ideology:

- With the big share of confidence it is possible to say that Davos becomes a platform on which the theme of the gas conflict to Ukraine will be mentioned. Most likely, the Russian management will use possibility accurately to designate the Ukrainian problems which have led to a stop of deliveries of gas. Besides, Russia once again can raise the question about building of alternative gas-transport systems bypassing Ukraine. Besides gas the Russian management can mention a theme of necessity of consolidation of efforts of all countries in struggle against crisis and its consequences as any modern financial system not in a condition to get out of crisis independently.

Alena Sindelar , the employee of secretary of the WTO, Geneva:

- In Davos will gather 3 - 4 thousand persons, representatives more than forty countries will search for overcoming the crisis ways. To tell the truth, there is no hope that they will make any decisions. However the fact of dialogue is already important. After all in EU on - former illusions as if present financial shocks probably to overcome alone are live. It not so, also it is necessary to remind common truth: that happens in the USA, is reflected in all. Till now the representative of the USA who will arrive on a forum is unknown. Whoever it was, if the new US president does how he promised on elections, it is positive. We very much count on it.

As to a gas problem Russia unpleasant conversation waits. Personally I understand arguments of Russia, but they are not clear much who together with me is on this party of a barricade. In my opinion, Russia needs to explain and express once again all readiness together with other countries, including from the USA, once again to think how to avoid similar problems in the future. For this purpose Russia needs to look critically at itself and to try to find weak places in the position. It is unpleasant, but from it will win all.

Dmitry Nazipov , the senior vice-president VTB:

- From the summit all expect new game rules as the old need radical revision. The belief in omnipotence of the free market, in universality of traditional liberal values is undermined definitively: Any western country which is the carrier this, any classical world financial institution were able to not predict terms and scales of present crisis. The system has compromised itself with the bent for of impetuous gamble set in it, egoism of the hired administrative personnel, greed of owners biznesov, their neglect social values. It is available the end of Bretton - vudskoj systems which has not collapsed yet, but already korrodirovana. It is obvious that the world after that crisis any more will not be former, and from participants of the summit it would be desirable to hear, what it, actually, becomes.