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In Peter the elective marathon has not done without black technologies

Four persons on one deputy place - competition among candidates - participants of municipal elections is that in Petersburg. Will pass elections on March, 1st.

In figurative comparison of one of candidates, these bodies - some kind of mini - Smolnye consist of elective councils and administrations appointed them. Here only budgets have very modest, not to compare to of what real Smolnyj (city administration) disposes. This year it is 3 billion against 403 billion roubles. So, and possibilities at munitsipalov rather ogranichenny. It is no wonder that townspeople yet too actively are interested in future elections.

Struggle between candidates for let and modest, but all - taki the imperious place goes completely not comic. Leaders by quantity of candidates of a steel in Northern capital two parties: an United Russia And Fair Russia . The first has put forward candidates for all 108 municipal districts (1514 persons on 1400 places). Fair Russia goes on the second place - 1222 candidates. In half of municipal unions it was declared the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Incorrect public relations - technologies were showed, has been hardly declared the election campaign beginning. In one of areas of Northern capital somebody has stuck leaflets, in which from a name an United Russia veterans invited behind a package of products in local council, at the same time having promised it... Worthy funeral. Fortunately, Party members have learnt in time about forgery to older persons who and what for works against party.