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Children of military men will accept in kindergartens and schools first of all

military men should not defend the long turn in a kindergarten, to pester prestigious schools in illusive hope to arrange there the son or the daughter.

Amendments to the Law About the status of military men which in the first reading the State Duma has accepted, guarantee to officer children a place in general educational both preschool educational institutions and summer recreation camps. Whether there is a speech about a municipal garden, usual desjatiletke or commercial lycee, will accept there children from military families first of all.

the chairman of Committee of the State Duma on defence Victor Zavarzin became the Author of amendments. In conversation with the correspondent he has explained, why it was necessary to correct the law.

- In current edition it is written down that to children of military men can give in a prime order places in kindergartens, schools and summer recreation camps, - Zavarzin has told. Is most can means that the question decision is given to the discretion of local government. And it is wrong. Military families often move from garrison in garrison, and in advance to see to it about the device of the child parents not in a condition. Here also it turns out: have translated the officer in other city, it has gone to the nearest kindergarten from military unit. And there to it advise to register in turn and to wait year - another.

Victor Zavarzin knows, about what speaks. For long military service it has changed not one ten garrisons and many times came up against a similar situation. As he said, the Committee of the State Duma on defence has during the last years received set of references of military men with the request to solve this in general - that not children`s question. After all it directly is connected with problems of adults. If children it is necessary to bring up houses, with them officer wives are compelled to sit. Considering small earnings of lieutenants - captains and the more so soldiers - contract employees on whom action of the amendments too will extend, the compelled unemployment of inhabitants of garrisons strongly strikes under the family budget of military men. However, for a garden sluzhivym, as well as civil, it is necessary to pay. But it is rather small sum which besides partially compensates to military men the Minister of Defence.

the scale reform which has Begun in this year of army will send in road of thousand military families. Children again it is necessary to arrange in kindergartens and schools, to think of, how to organise their summer holiday. So the side benefit sluzhivym, supported by the government, will appear as it is impossible by the way. It is important that she will not demand additional financing and in the conditions of an economic crisis will not go a heavy burden on city and regional budgets.

It is necessary to tell that in the Russian government, and especially in the most military department, support of officer families is carried to financial priorities. In 2005 the decision of an office and the order of the Minister of Defence for military men of a shot have entered a lump sum on acquisition by housekeeping - 12 salaries of the monetary maintenance. Besides, the Minister of Defence annually compensates to officers expenses on the organisation of summer holiday of children till 15 years. In 2008 - m have increased this sum to 8 thousand roubles. In present, apparently, it will be even more. Money pays to military men without dependence from where the child - in military sanatorium has spent vacation, a municipal recreation camp or at the grandmother - grandfathers.

the Inquiry

By an estimation minzdravsotsrazvitija, 30,6 percent of households of military men are below the breadline. Among younger officers of 41,3 percent single. 19 percent of lieutenants - captains from - for lacks of money and absence of habitation do not want to get children. And the total of childless military men in Russia with 2003 for 2006 has grown with 35 to 46 percent. Children not always have possibility to study at garrison schools and to go to local kindergartens. For example, from 74 preschool educational institutions in areas of a disposition of Pacific fleet in the closed military camps remains only 17.