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Thousand students - contract employees have appeared in irredeemable to a debt to high schools

In a difficult financial situation have appeared not only those students who took educational credits, but also for whom parents paid. Minobrnauki has offered rectors while only two measures: to translate platnikov on budgetary places and to count on state support of educational credits.

But superfluous budgetary places does not happen much: one - two - three on a course - is no more. And educational credits have used, by different estimations, something nearby 5 - 6 thousand persons. Basically in Peter and Moscow. And contract employees in Russia - hundred thousand! Rectors and local authorities have decided to take anti-recessionary measures.

In the Kemerovo region, for example, to contract employees who have got to a difficult financial situation, but thus study on 4 and 5 study will be paid by the regional budget. The deputy chief of department of science and education of the Kemerovo region Elena Pahomova has told that the special commission solves, to give money or to refuse to the applicant:

- At us two conditions for grant allocation - the student should study on a full-time department and give documents that have reduced parents or to it have sharply lowered the salary.

the Grant give on a semestre. At the first session of the commission 23 statements have been considered, 9 students will receive a grant. After session of 12 more statements will consider repeatedly.

- It is a pity zaochnikov, - tells Pahomova, - help them we cannot.

the Sverdlovsk area not so is rich, as Kuzbas, and to allocate grants of possibility has no. Here have gone some other way. The rector Ural architecturally - art academy Alexander Starikov has allowed to pay study by the month.

- With those who took educational credits, complexities while are not present, - he has told. - Though the interest rate grows. But we have children for whom the enterprises paid. Now I receive packs of statements with the request to terminate contracts with them and to renew directly with students. Children these days will part on houses on vacation, will discuss all with parents. The one who can pay, will conclude the new contract.

the Academy is ready to take a payment by the month. It is very convenient, especially for undergraduates, all of them where - that work or earn additionally, and 500 dollars a month - not such a great sum for them. Besides, in high school have decided not to raise since new year a tuition fee as it always became earlier from - for inflations.

the Chuvash state university since 2009 has lowered a tuition fee for 5 percent. However, only for first-year students. In many Russian high schools students will receive a delay of payments till March, 1st.

the Deputy of the State Duma Anatoly Aksakov, one of authors of the bill About educational credits It is assured that crisis in any degree will do good to high schools.

- In the budget there is money for support of educational credits, - he notices. - all credits will be translated in VTB and the Savings Bank. The Savings Bank, as far as I know, has already begun renewal of documents. As to others platnikov - all of them should receive a delay of payment, obligations can divide the state and high schools. Eventually all money will receive high schools. In such difficult situation students will choose only demanded specialities and good high schools which offer qualitative services. So the market itself will put things in order in paid education.

On our question as long high schools should wait for money from students - debtors, suddenly crisis will last five years, Aksakov, the financier, by the way, has assured: Not longer year!

it is quite possible that in the near future in the State Duma agenda again there will be a bill About educational credits added with positions about an inconsistency of banks. And not just borrowers as it was earlier.