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In the State Duma prepare for reception of the presidential bill which can affect the Russian political life

On Ohotnij rjad new presidential initiatives which can affect the Russian political life wait from the Kremlin.

As the chairman of the Duma Committee on the constitutional legislation and state building Vladimir Pligin has informed yesterday to journalists, is already prepared and the bill reducing the minimum number of parties can be officially introduced in the State Duma in the nearest future and forbidding to leaders to supervise over parties more than two terms successively. However, according to Pligina, the sharp decrease in a threshold of number necessary for registration of political party, will not be, it is inexpedient. The party minimum will gradually decrease. Now political party that she officially admitted that, it is necessary 50 thousand persons. At the first stage, according to Pligina, the obligatory minimum can be reduced on 5 thousand and is established at level of 45 thousand persons. further, I consider, we can leave on 30 thousand persons - Vladimir Pligin has noticed. The head of profile committee has assumed that in the same bill the norm that " will contain also; the same person cannot be the head of joint constantly operating supervising body of party or its regional branch more than two terms successively . But most likely this restriction will not mention operating leaders.

the Presidential bill realising these ideas from the first Message of Dmitry Medvedev, has not arrived yet in the Duma. And deputies actively make comments on possible changes in life of parties. As the member " has declared; Fair Russia a deputy head of fraction Gennady Gudkov, The mechanism of election as party members of the head - perhaps, one of last questions which our bureaucracy yet does not regulate in the interests directly, but it can soon occur . But in practice, marks Hooters, the new bill if to trust the information in mass-media, can concern only to one party - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. In turn, the answer of communists can become change of structure of party which will allow Gennady Zyuganov to remain on a post of the head until most will not bother . According to Gudkova, the given bill will have more likely character of the declaration which are not changing activity of party de - fakto. Much more important today another - weak parties and weak leaders should leave as a result of fair elections .