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HAMAS is ready to give to Israel year of peace life, Tel - Aviv wants more

When new war in the Near East will begin? It is not necessary to be the seer to understand: it will occur in a year, a maximum through ones and a half.

Only 360 days of peace life movement is ready to give to Israel HAMAS. In turn Tel - Aviv at negotiations in Egypt insists on longer term of an armistice - 18 months. Thus the Israeli military men refer to results of the previous peace agreements which have lasted half a year. But this time has sufficed the Palestinian radical movements to fill up stocks of arms and an illicit way to deliver to Gaza rockets of the raised range.

Representatives of Islamic groupings do not hide: they also will spend new peace term for restoration first of all a military infrastructure. As one of heads of the Islamic resistance movement in Lebanon Osama Hamdan, " has declared thereupon; Neither aircraft carriers, nor air and sea supervision will not prevent us to arm Gaza Strip and the West Bank of Jordan .

HAMAS arranges an armistice with Israel set of additional conditions. It is a question of lifting of a blockade from Gaza and renewal of work of boundary transitions between Egypt and sector. Movement is ready to meet Cairo and to place on border with Gaza from Egypt the European and Turkish observers. But categorically against presence of the Israeli experts, and also observers from confronting with hamasovtsami the Palestinian movement of Fath which is headed by head of an autonomy Mahmud Abbas. That is representatives of those structures most of all interested in suppression of illicit arms supplies.

Other important question on which results of negotiations in Cairo and terms of a prospective armistice depend, - financial. Who will manage billions the dollars allocated for restoration of Gaza, a question for the Near East paramount, having political character. Till now the most part of the means arriving on official channels in an autonomy in the form of the sponsor`s help and donations, got to administration Abbasa.

While its opponents in Gaza have been compelled to transport cash on payment of salaries in sector through the Egyptian border in suitcases. Some of such couriers at first managed to be detained. However then them released - seriously to quarrel with a management HAMAS in Cairo have counted risky.

Today representatives of this movement achieve, that the financial help arrived directly to Gaza, passing the Palestinian administration. So the sector authorities have already informed that families of the Palestinians who were lost during operations, will receive on one thousand euro, and indemnifications for the destroyed habitation will make from two euros to four thousand. For these purposes hamasovtsy will spend approximately 35 - 40 million dollars. Where the others will go 960 million from billion dollars which the king of Saudi Arabia promised to allocate for restoration of Gaza Abdalla, not clearly.

In Israel, seemingly, do not feed hope that the armistice about HAMAS will appear long. But would like to receive as it is possible the big respite from war. For now there are negotiations in Egypt, Tel - Aviv has taken additional measures for protection of the military men. This time from suits from any human rights organisations. Those quite often use calm in region for acquisition of the additional political capital on charges to the Israeli army.

cases when during operations in Gaza insurgents intentionally used for bombardment of the Israeli armies apartment houses in densely populated areas Are known. The western journalists who have visited sector, wrote about barricades which hamasovtsy built about hospitals, schools, and also objects of the United Nations. Blows of the Israeli aircraft on these buildings have allowed an occasion to human rights organisations to accuse Tel - Aviv of disproportionate application of force and use against civilians of the forbidden ammunition. Speech, in particular, goes about charges with white phosphorus.

Thereupon the prime minister of Israel Ehud Olmert declared that its country will provide legal protection by the military man which were at war in Gaza. It is entrusted to the Minister of Justice to head the commission on coordination of the state activity in sphere of protection for participants of operation Cast lead .