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Dmitry Medvedev has handed over to Daniel Granin an award of Sacred apostle Andrey Pervozvannogo

Yesterday president Dmitry Medvedev has handed over to writer Daniel Granin the higher state award of the country - an award of Sacred apostle Andrey Pervozvannogo.

This year became anniversary for Daniel Granin - on January, 1st to the writer 90 years were executed. However he does not think till now of any easy carefree life. Heading Fund of a name D.S.Lihacheva, Granin, itself become to one of marks of domestic culture, continues to struggle for preservation of the Russian cultural heritage.

I will not tell vast words as you not so love them, - Dmitry Medvedev has addressed to the writer. - this award - an estimation of all your literary work, work of the historian, the publicist .

the Head of the state has remembered, how he, being still the student, has familiarised with the first products of the writer. It were novels Selectors and I go on a thunder-storm . If to speak on - fair, - Medvedev admitted, are there were two first books of the Soviet writers which I have remembered . And Granin`s other books have made strong impression upon Medvedev.

in what the writer at the head of Fund Lihacheva today is engaged, too is a part of the handed over award. advancement of large cultural programs is reputable - the president has underlined. Well and certainly, Medvedev has congratulated Granin and on an anniversary which, the head of the state has noted, the writer too not so likes to mark.

But delivery of the higher state award unloved Granin of actions was not included into the list. to tell the truth, I am really glad to this award because I consider its exclusive and concerning not only to literary work, but also to that business which there has begun Lihachev and which I try to continue, - the writer has declared. Is a business of protection of culture. Business of the help to libraries, museums, protection and protection of monuments. All that, maybe, makes the highest glory of Russia .

Daniel Granin has once again given due to works of Lihacheva which during its time did not have such possibilities that open today. We want, that this candle has not gone out, and it we will do, as soon as we are able and as soon as we can - the writer has assured.

Daniel Granin`s Course of life is connected not only with its literary talent. Rewarding has passed on the eve of date memorable for all St.-Petersburg - everyone on January, 27th here celebrate day of outright release of a city from fascist blockade. For Daniel Granin that war - it is not simple words. In 1941 it only has ended the Leningrad polytechnical institute and at once has left in a national home guard. The future writer was the participant of battles of the Great Patriotic War on the Leningrad and Baltic fronts, and war has finished the commander of a tank company and in a rank of the captain.