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The government of Iceland has retired

On Monday it became known that the government of Iceland led by the prime minister Gay rum to the Chord retires. For the first time from the beginning of financial crisis the management of one of the countries of Europe undersigns for own feebleness.

to the Chord declared that preschedule parliamentary elections will pass in the country on May, 9th. Before formation of the new cabinet the present Minister of Education will fulfil duties of the head of the government. The already former prime minister intends to leave on treatment to the Netherlands.

As experts gloomily joke, the government of Iceland became a victim swept on the country so-called woollen revolutions. This mass movement of the protest has received such name from - that its participants who have left on streets still in October, have been dressed in well-known Icelandic a sweater.

Before inhabitants of Iceland on the present after all also were not able to protest. The country was one of safe in Europe. And suddenly prompt growth of unemployment, 20 - percentage inflation, a collapse of national currency - crones. Becoming more and more organised the government could oppose nothing to protests. The authorities that seriously considered transition to dollar or euro hastily requested credits of Russia, IMF and neighbouring countries. But even received in total 10 billion dollars have not rescued small on population (all 320 thousand persons) the country.

By the way

the Situation in Iceland left on a new, not so not controllable coil last week when the people have thrown eggs the car of the prime minister in the face of indifferent security guards. And already next day eggs, banks with yoghurt and stones have departed to a parliament building. The police has tried to interfere, having applied for the first time for fifty years tear gas. But pitiable the result has appeared all - taki for the government.