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Process over Bertranom of the Edging comes to the end

In France process has called an agiotage. In Lithuania the laws. There judge in a place of commission of crime. Of the last word which he has said according to requirements of the Lithuanian law, Edging assured that loved Mari Trentinjan. I cannot understand that have occurred, - confirmed the accused. - we had a passionate love. I loved the Mary all being. I loved it always and I will always love it. I think of it every second, I will always think of it. I never can forget it. I did not want that, what`s happened .

Behind oaths in love the desire to convince three Lithuanian judges is obviously looked through that it, Bertran of the Edging, has put a beating in an affect status. Will believe to it of the judge - and the Edging will receive 4 years. Will consider that it beat purposely, - will give 15 years. While the public prosecutor has demanded to denounce him for 9 years of imprisonment for Deliberate murder .

the Edging and the Mary never were good children. Hardly sozhitelnitsa the singer, Kristin, has given birth to it to the second child as he leaves her and falls Mari Trentinjan arms. The actress still was at this time married. Before it changed husbands as gloves. Has given birth four boys. To the senior today - 17, to the most younger - 5 years. Still she day and night smoked a grass a saw.

the Occasion to to sharp words with the new beloved with whom it was together six months, its intention to spend holiday with the husband - director Samjuelem Bengetritom has served. Bertran the Edging has blown up. On a broader scale - that it and on a scene did not differ special restraint: according to a present fashion it gave vent to anger and roughness. And in the book he wrote: the Passion can finish to death . These words have appeared in its case prophetical.

Despite repentance words, a family the Mary does not intend to forgive the murderer. I think that the desire to one to possess the Mary was motive of the Edging, without taking into consideration neither its children, nor her parents, its work. And as it was impossible, he has decided to destroy it, to wipe out - considers mother of actress Nadin Trentinjan.