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The Government had a stockbroker

Vjugin was born in 1952 in Ufa. After the termination mehaniko - mathematical faculty of the Moscow State University worked in various scientific research institutes, including at All-Union institute on studying of demand and a conjuncture of trade and Institute of economic forecasting of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Since 1993 Oleg Vjugin is engaged in the finance. With 1993 - go for 1996 it holds fast of the head D epartamenta the macroeconomic policy of the Ministry of Finance, in 1996 - 1999 - the deputy minister, the first deputy minister of the finance. After leaving from P ravitelstva in 1999 works as the executive vice-president and the group economist of the investment company the Three Dialogue . Having six-year experience in M inisterstve the finance, Vjugin and in to the Three continued to act as one of the main advisers of the Government concerning economic policy. In particular, was one of authors of strategy of economic development of Russia prepared by the Center of strategic workings out.

In April, 2002 it is appointed by the first deputy of the chairman of the Central bank. At its appointment to this post of analytics wrote: Oleg Vjugin perfectly knows that such public finances, and perfectly knows that such macroeconomic. Also knows already as the private market works also, and that such political lobbying . However, in the same article it was noticed that the market of the state securities in our country Andrey Kozlov in due time has created, the second of simultaneously appointed the first zamov the chairman of the Central Bank. But, obviously, the prime minister had reasons when it appointed head FSFR of Vjugin.

the Federal Agency of the financial markets (FSFR) which to it should be headed, is created on March, 9th, is especially stipulated that it will be supervised directly by the head of the government. To it functions of the abolished Federal commission on a securities market (Federal Commission on Securities) are transferred and the new are added. It is possible to tell that the new service becomes one of three whales the Russian financial sphere along with the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance. The central bank will save control over the market of bank services, the Ministry of Finance - behind everything concerning budgetary affairs, and arising financial markets will sponsor FSFR.

Vjugin receives difficult enough inheritance of Federal Commission on Securities: not complete legislation in the field of securities, attempts of stockbrokers the increasing number of problems to solve by means of the self-adjustable organisations of participants of the share and other markets. Besides it , the new service will receive some functions of other ministries, and , as it is known, such section at bureaucratic level not always passes without serious consequences. So, she will be engaged employment pension money which should enter the market, hence, will receive a part of powers of former Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Finance. From Ministry of Labor will get to it and supervision of not state pension funds. From MAP to service will pass a duty of supervision of the urgent markets and control over stock exchanges. From the Ministry of Finance - the rights of regulation of auditor activity. All it becomes complicated also that in many respects such supervising and supervising activity was made not on the basis of laws, and in conformity in departmental instructions. That is any time FSFR it is necessary to be engaged not in regulation and supervision, and drawing up of the list of the rights which would allow to do it in full. One hope - the prime minister - the curator will promote to resolve all it faster.