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We learn to sleep correctly

Most of all hour jumps stir physicians and teachers. Some doctors consider that older persons first of all suffer affliction from switching and children. After all morning phases of a dream, the most important for health break, internal biorhythms are broken. Chronic diseases as a result can become aggravated. For adaptation to a new daily mode it is required to the adult person three weeks, and to the child - all six.

Teachers assert that after similar changes children should get used to a new day regimen and changes in the schedule long. In the first days after transfer of hours it is very difficult to schoolboys to concentrate in the mornings, they spill out often and are late in school. By the way, say that summer transition is much more difficult winter as from people take away precious hour of a dream.

But there is also other point of view.

- the Majority of the people who are suffering affliction from switching, watch TV simply too much and read newspapers. And there only also write that about harm of this procedure for health, - considers Roman Buzunov, the doctor of medical sciences, the laboratory chief of a dream of sanatorium Barvikha Medical centre UD of the President of the Russian Federation. - after all people fly to have a rest in other countries, Turkey for example, and no trouble from a difference in time to them does not occur. Day on accustoming - and all. Another matter - flight to America, where a difference with the Moscow time - 9 hours. It is considerable shift, and under it it is simple so you will not be arranged. And hour back or forward without serious diseases is quite transferable and almost imperceptible for the usual person.

the Dream on a phase

About a dream and its riddles east wise men have started to guess still. For one thousand years to the Christ and years for five hundred to the Buddha in the Indian opus of Upanishady three state of mind is already mentioned: wakefulness, a quiet dream and a dream with dreams. However long time this idea remained unknown to the European thinkers. Aristotle, for example, considered that the dream is a borderline between life and death. Behind explanations the correspondent was converted to Vladimir Kovalzonu, a Dr.Sci.Biol., the leading research assistant of Institute of problems of ecology and evolution by it. Severtsova the Russian Academy of Sciences.

- the Dream is a special status of an organism of warm-blooded mammals (the person including) which is characterised by consecutive change of polygraphic pictures in the form of cycles, phases and stages, - Vladimir Matveevich explains. - For a night the person, as a rule, spills out 5 one and a half hour cycles, each of which come to an end with a phase of a dream with dreams - a so-called paradoxical dream.

this phase draws the greatest attention of scientists of the whole world. Paradoxical it is named because, on the one hand, at this time muscles are absolutely weakened, and with another - there is the most powerful work of a brain. When we have dreams, our brain as is active, as well as at wakefulness. The person has at this time stress even if something dreams it pleasant.

- Vladimir Matveevich what occurs in our consciousness during a phase of a paradoxical dream?

- Briefly is an emotional storm at almost full inactivity of muscular system. Reception and the analysis of all signals from the outside stops - that is why happens very difficultly to wake the person who is in peak of a paradoxical phase (her still name fast). This status very mysterious. As a matter of fact, life begins with it. The embryo in bowels of mother is in a status of the so-called activated dream which with a birth passes in the paradoxical.

- Really in a stomach at mum the child has dreams?!

is the greatest secret - a dream of the little man which also did not live at all. Probably, to it any hallucinations - after all not simply see so it is pushed and moves there inside... However there is the scientific data proving that a status of a paradoxical dream at mum and the future child are synchronised. After the delivery the status of a fast dream occupies from the kid of more half of days. Each mum can observe, dreamily he grimaces, fingers twitch. Adults spend in this status of only 20 percent of days, older persons and that it is less.

- Many people are very much afflicted from - that dreams seldom have or do not see at all. Why so there is also a leah it is necessary to long?

- Dreams it dream the person every night. Simply not all remember them. Yes it also is not necessary at all. Dreams are not created for storing. The less person remembers, having woken up, the better. Usually after end of a phase of dreams the person turns over on other side, changes a pose.

- As we sleep?

- the Most part of night we sleep a usual slow dream, and at daybreak to us sploshnjakom is acted in film dreams. But the nature in genes puts absolutely other rhythm of a dream. Adhering to it, we should sleep not only at night, and still few times in the afternoon - at about noon and hour per four evenings. So small children who yet have not tested on itself pressure of a civilisation sleep. Adult people do not presume such luxury, much during the day should overcome drowsiness attacks time and again. To the big chiefs it is easier - they in offices have sofas, it is possible and pokimarit . And in some countries of Asia at the large conveyor enterprises have entered a special half-hour break on a dream: Workers sleep directly behind tables.

- How long the person can not sleep?

- Special experiences prove that deprivation of the person of a dream on 2 - does not lead 3 days to problem situations. In such conditions examinees very well solved problems, without showing any signs of infringement of intelligence. The same experience with animals has shown that they are more hardy and can do without a dream very long. In a word, the system works with a large supply and is arranged so that in real life not to reach a critical point.

However the status of a dream can sometimes become the reason of variety of diseases. The matter is that during a fast dream in a brain one active substance - esolhalin is allocated only. All other systems developing vital substances - gistamin, serotonin, - are silent. This very astable status. At this particular time often there are strokes and heart attacks. Sharply to awake the person at this stage in nowise it is impossible - there can be an internal failure.

It appears that...

... Napoleon said often that only fools or invalids need a long dream. He slept since 10 evenings to 2 o`clock in the morning, then worked and again slept with 5 to 7. But the hardworking tyrant has lived only 52 years. And here great Einstein liked to have a sleep and has lived the whole 76 years.

... Our pupils too have dreams. Probably, you noticed, how your cat or a dog twitches in the sleep. It occurs because at night one part of a brain weakens body muscles, and another sends to the same time to them the command to move. In reply to it muscles only designate movement. As a result, if in the sleep to a dog dreams, as it pursues a cat its paws will move as though in run. The cat in the sleep can hiss and curve a back.

... Mozart in the sleep heard the whole concordances, Pushkin saw verses. El Salvador Distances has learnt to call the whole pictures in a semisleepiness: took seat in an armchair, gripped a teaspoon and put on a floor a tray. When the artist fell asleep, the spoon with a ring fell, the artist jumped and sketched dreamt.

... The lion and a brown bear sleep on a back, but at a lion of a paw they are combined on a chest, and at a brown bear raskinuty in the parties. The mountain goat lies on a belly at night, having thrown back a head back - differently horns will be thrust in the earth. At flying storks each ten minutes in the jamb middle the next bird flies and dozes, lying on strue air and hardly moving with wings.

... Those who drink green tea for the night, will turn still for a long time in bed. This drink at all does not contribute zasypaniju as its admirers think, and to the contrary, invigorates. Caffeine in it several times more than in the black. Green tea is good since morning.

... Snore in the sleep mainly men. Women begin to deduce trills as a rule, after menopauzy. And here a sleeplessness, in most cases, ladies` illness. Also people of intellectual work, creative and emotional persons and those who works in shifts badly sleep. Regular physical activity will help with struggle against a sleeplessness and... Reduction of time of a dream.

a good advice

the Sleepy charter

Almost half of population of a planet badly sleeps at night, and in the afternoon convulsively yawns and dreams of bed. But also the quarter well had a sleep with approach of day uncontrollably drives at a dream. And the tenth part of medicines written out in the world - from a sleeplessness and from drowsiness. That with advantage to sleep and get enough sleep, do it it is necessary by rules.

1. The main thing - a mode

to provide a good night dream consists the Best way in observance of its mode. That our internal clocks worked regularly, try to lay down and rise approximately in one and too time and in everyday life, and during week-end.

2. Of own will

Never force itself to sleep. The more you will try, the it is less than chances to fall asleep. If it turns out nothing, better simply easy to lie and have a rest, watch TV, for example, to read or listen to music. It is all - taki better, than in despair to turn all night long.

3. Fear takes molehills for mountains

Many sufferers, getting under a blanket, feel persuasive fear before dream loss. Actually one sleepless night on the eve of any important events - negotiations, examinations or sports competitions - weathers will not make. Only at monotonous or very dangerous work it is necessary to worry about deterioration of the abilities next day.

4. Sit down on a floor - three, four

Physical activity - an effective remedy of struggle against stress. Therefore the small gymnastics shortly before a dream will help to relax after the heavy working day. Many prefer to be kneaded since morning. But scientists have proved that the best time for employment - from 17 o`clock till 20 o`clock. However to finish them it is necessary for an hour and a half to a dream.

5. Tomorrow is a new day

If you from those people who very much like to scroll before going to bed in a head business negotiations to sort out relations not to see to you good night. It is better to solve all collected problems to a withdrawal to a dream or to postpone their decision for tomorrow. It is possible even to establish so-called trouble time when you will think of problems - two hours prior to a dream. And after that--!

6. Not to overeat!

To go to bed on a full stomach it is not recommended. Try to eat later, than for 2 - 3 hours to a dream. Do not use at supper the products calling gazoobrazovanie: nuts, bean, crude vegetables. However not only overeating can spoil to you night. Absolutely hungry it is not necessary to fall asleep too, especially if you adhere to a diet. Before going to bed it is possible to eat a banana or an apple.

by the way

to Dreams to believe - affairs not to do

Prophetic dreams - one of the most favourite national subjects for conversations. I in the sleep saw yesterday the uncle to Roofing felt from the third entrance... And today, you represent, I leave the house - and it to me towards goes, smiles!. this conversation - a primitive illustration of what actually the nature of a prophetic dream. And as though the mysterious essence of such coincidence was not attractable for the person, the science ruthlessly discredits a myth about mystical essence of these phenomena.

Vladimir Kovalzon considers that the person subconsciously operates according to that has dreamt. That is not the future reality dictates the dream maintenance, and the dream forms acts of the person. And here Romana Buzunova have even own classification ostensibly prophetic dreams.

- I concern such phenomena very sceptically and I divide them into three categories, - explains the Novel of Vjacheslavovich. - the First are the dreams caused by the information, received in a reality. For example, the person receives the letter on very serious illness of the friend. In the sleep this person dies. In some days the dream becomes a reality. But agree, such sad exod is quite logical at a serious illness.

the Second category - when it is acted in film various statuses of own organism, and the person treats it as a prediction. The matter is that during a dream the brain starts to conceive impulses of an internal better. And if to the girl dreams that it is pregnant, it can quite mean that for the night it has overeaten and now suffers from weight in a stomach.

Well and the last are so-called intuitive dreams when something dreams, an event actually, but it is very far. At such people the intuition easier is very strongly developed.

Recently I subtracted where - Vladimir Dalja`s that very good statement: to Dreams to believe - and affairs not to do . On - to mine, very much neatly.