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French putejtsy search for bombs

There and then have appeared in time pyrotechnics, there have arrived the high railway heads and the higher ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France. An explosive have without effort neutralised as to blow up it could not in any way: conductings from a detonator has not been connected to an explosive. The device has appeared a homemade product.

On structure of an explosive it resembled that was revealed near railroad tracks one month earlier under the help of the mysterious organisation AZF which since December, 11th of last year, threatening with explosions on the railway, demands from the French government of a compensation. Recently in the messages in office of the president and in the Ministry of Internal Affairs AZF has finished the sum to 5 million dollars. However to confirm identity of the found thunder flash with what has been found out on February, 21st, the Minister of Internal Affairs of France Nicolas Sarkozy has refused. let the answer will be given by experts - he has declared to journalists.

Now experts study a find. According to General management of national police, the explosive is not identical to that has been found under the help AZF . But anyway the definitive answer only will satisfy curiosity. After all till now the French antiterrorist services did not manage to find out a trace of this most AZF . Nobody knows, whether it really the terrorists who have threatened in the letters in case of non-payment of the repayment to blow up of tens of trains, whether jokers who have decided to lead a dance the French special services.

Anyway they have achieved that 10 thousand French railwaymen already protopali on cross ties of 32 thousand kilometres in search of explosives. And from - for found this time an explosive railway communication has been temporarily suspended. To inspectors the instructions in survey of steel highways again have been allowed to be engaged.