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The President by the decree 395 is appointed vrio the Perm governor

has appointed Chirkunova Oleg Anatolevicha temporarily fulfilling duties of the governor of the Perm area. However the area will exist only till December, 1st, 2005. As in one day with the decree Putin had been signed also the Federal law on education as a part of the Russian Federation as a result of association of the Perm area and Komi - Permjatsky autonomous region of the new subject of the Russian Federation of the Perm edge. Date of the termination of existence of old subjects and occurrence of the Perm edge - on December, 1st, 2005.

Oleg Anatolevich Chirkunov worked earlier in the Federation Council as the vice-president of Committee on the budget. In particular, it is known for active participation in work on problems with indistinct interpretation of tax crimes in the criminal code. In November of last year when the Federation Council confirmed amendments in UK, Chirkunov noticed that theoretically ambiguities in UK allowed to replace in prison, for example, at once all deputies of the State Duma who and receive to the present day a considerable part of the earned money in envelopes and it can be qualified as evasion from payment of taxes otherwise .

Me two things - a side between tax optimisation and a tax crime, and in - the second - equality of tax bearers before the state " interest; - he spoke to the correspondent .

Oleg Anatolevicha Chirkunova has serious enough site www. tchirkounov. ru with the information on the tax and industrial policy.