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Aviadispatchers again threaten with strike

Yesterday in day of payment of advance payment a protest action aviadispatchers of southern cities - Volgograd, Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don, Elista, Mineral Waters, Sochi, and also Perm, Barnaul and some other have spent. More than one thousand workers of the enterprises for the air traffic organisation have gone in the afternoon to local post offices and have sent transfer into 13 roubles into the bill of the general director of the State corporation on the organisation of air traffic of Boris Kushneruka. So they have thanked the careful the head for the shown generosity.

- the Action has exclusively peace character, any strikes does not provide and will not affect in any way flights of aircrafts, - the president of Federation of trade unions of aviadispatchers of Russia Sergey Kovalev has informed the correspondent. - However according to the collective agreement the salary of aviadispatchers is adhered to level of a living wage and its last increase obviously does not correspond to growth of consumer prices. Meanwhile incomes of the corporation following the results of last year have grown considerably. The action purpose - to pay attention of a management that workers are not content with tips from a lordly table, and demand substantial increase of earnings proceeding from the valid growth of incomes of the enterprise. I pay your attention that heads of our enterprises do not confer power even to the representatives on the conclusion of the branch tariff agreement. It contradicts item 43 of the Labour code according to which the agreement can be signed if participants of such negotiations is not less than 50 percent of employers. Process was tightened for three years, but light in the end of the tunnel and is not present.

On - former sharp there are questions of granting of additional holidays, the preferential air tickets, a toning up food for those who leaves in night shifts. The list of occupational diseases is not confirmed. We firmly insist on change of a management of corporation. The present action is directed on it, - the leader of trade union of aviadispatchers considers.

In turn, the assistant to the general director on personnel and State corporation social policy on the organisation of air traffic Valery Yezhov has declared to our newspaper that for reorganisation of the unitary enterprise with aviadispatchers the agreement about neprovedenii similar strikes and other protest actions is signed, therefore their last intention calls bewilderment. Reorganisation will end in the nearest future.

it Besides, has continued, there is a question: Who has sounded this figure in 13 roubles . We have agreed that salary indexation is carried out taking into account change of size of a living wage as a whole across the Russian Federation. And we carry out this point accurately, without infringements - Valery Yezhov has underlined. - actually salary indexation if to take, for example, instigators of this action - aviadispatchers of the Rostov centre the Arrow it is considerable. Only icon settings at them have increased by 45 roubles, and as a whole the salary became more on 90 roubles. Their present earnings make 16 - 17 thousand roubles that for the country south are high enough. And as a whole the salary of aviadispatchers within a year is increased more than by 50 percent. And further it will be indexed according to change of size of a living wage that we and do.

As to a protest action if at aviadispatchers money superfluous, is better them sends on the charitable purposes.

Sergey Kovalev, having familiarised with such rebuff, has told directly: to the Management of state corporation having incomes, three times exceeding salaries of aviadispatchers, really it is necessary to be engaged in philanthropy. Perhaps, such help will extend and on our families?

As to 50 - percentage increase of a salary, that, I will remind, this decision was it is squeezed out loss of health and the subsequent write-off aviadispatchers after their nine-day hunger-strike in December, 2002 in Surgut, Rostov, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Blagoveshchensk and other cities. In total those days 50 centres on air traffic control " striked;. Most likely, again it is necessary to connect the third party to this dispute - Federal Agency of supervision in transport sphere. But there to make comments on a situation have refused, having referred to Government reorganisation.