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Spain looks for peace also rest

Tragical events on March, 11th already began to be forgotten gradually in Spain. Less frequently remember about explosions in electric trains - work and everyday cares force Spaniards to return to routine life. As well as any dreadful dream, acts of terrorism are confidently erased from memory of inhabitants, every day are ever less discussed in newspapers, by radio and television.

Unique difference from the former life which have ended together with the first explosion, in the overflowed electric train going towards Madrid, the increased number of representatives of the law and order in capital streets became thundered. According to accepted by the former government which not in time yet to be replaced, the fight against terrorism program the special attention from the authorities is given now to places of the raised concentration of people. Additional patrol is entered at railway stations, into the largest aero - and seaports. Venues of mass entertainment actions are not disregarded also. In the most vulnerable, according to the authorities, points you can stop and take an interest at any moment in documents, and at occurrence of suspicions also to subject and to steadfast examination. New rules of fight against terrorism are that not.

Spaniards, naterpevshiesja restrictions of the civil freedom at a dictatorial mode Ex, concern new changes in the life tolerantly. Developing conditions are very similar to that that were in Moscow after explosions of apartment houses. People with understanding concern strengthening of a police mode and obvious discontent with the become frequent checks do not show. Spaniards want one - quiet life, and they are ready to pay for it, let by the freedom.

Up to the end of previous year Spain in the opinion of the visitor represented completely the liberal country. Any checks, any pickets. The main thing - break nothing, and then in power special claims to you will not arise. Well and if you will break the law the inevitable punishing sword of justice will not take mercy.

Since January of this year the new traffic regulations providing much more strict punishments for various infringements on road have come into force. Possessed idea to reduce - it is necessary to note number of victims of road accident, one of the greatest in Europe, - the authorities have given police and home guards installation wherefore special road inspection at them is not present, on increase of accounting indicators. To a pain the picture familiar to the Russian person also has begun. Vesper road tests for alcohol, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, ambushes in bushes with a radar measuring speed of transport, spot-checks on revealing of incorrectly parked cars both etc. and etc. Then the Spanish society has conceived all it in bayonets. Local radio stations warned about the revealed places of police ambushes and offered detour routes, the central newspapers published behaviour tactics as required hits and it is a lot of good advice how to avoid draconian penalties. All was reduced to that though as - that to struggle with the police mode which has amplified on roads.

With activization of the police control directed on fight against terrorism, not only on highways, and in the state in whole, after tragical events of March the people have not shown discontent drops, are faster, to the contrary, people express support to the state and try to render any help. All realise that struggle against terrorism is common cause of the population and the authorities.