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Lukin has urged the EU countries to refuse a policy double standards

it is necessary to notice that Lukin kept confidently, quite often alternating the remarks by-words and citations from verses. Despite notorious insatiability on the information of representatives of mass-media and absence at itself(himself) as he has told, propensities to be pushed on a press Lukinu was possible to respond practically to all questions of writing fraternity.

Lukin has a little complained that with its ward on fast of the Representative under human rights, or as it still name, the ombudsman, quantity of the statements demanding consideration, has sharply grown - more than three times in comparison with predecessors. So, only for a month of its work it was accepted to consideration about 3300 complaints whereas predecessors considered work hard and at one thousand similar statements.

As well as it was possible to assume, it is a lot of time of performance of the Russian ombudsman it has been taken away situations in the Chechen Republic. It has supported introduction in the Chechen Republic of fast of the Representative under human rights. monitoring of observance of human rights should be conducted in the Chechen Republic. Therefore as soon as possible fast of the Representative under human rights " here should be entered;. Lukin also has underlined that to such responsible fast it should be appointed very authoritative person in local circles which should choose republic parliament. This representative could politically unbiassedly from within to trace a situation .

Lukin, answering a corresponding question, has told that it will necessarily make a trip to the Chechen Republic but only when will possess all completeness of the information necessary for it to make such voyage as much as possible effective and useful to everything, instead of is simple To stay half-day in the centre of Grozny and to return .

the International subjects also have occupied the lion`s share a press - conferences. Concerning results of the trip to Strasbourg where it took part in meeting of representatives on human rights, he not without irony has noticed that the Chechen Republic, position of mass-media in Russia occupied traditionally active place among those what interested Europeans.

On the other hand, Lukin has told that questions of observance of the rights of national minorities, in particular in Baltic and other countries next to Russia, were discussed during its trip to Strasbourg at meeting of representatives on human rights. Some of these problems, according to Lukina, have found corresponding understanding at members of the Council of Europe and the European ombudsmen.

Lukin has reminded that in connection with recent events in Kosovo he has called the EU countries and the USA for refusal of a policy double standards In questions of protection of the rights of national minorities and infringements of the rights of the Christian population in this country.

answering a question on to what of base human rights he will pay priority attention, he has told that the right to life, to a sufficient living wage .