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One thousand dollars a year

to Any who lives outside of the Garden ring, it is known to each officer, superfluous one thousand dollars which drip every year, are quite real money for the housing problem decision. With them it is possible to apply if not at once for apartment, then on the credit for habitation. Especially if the credit - preferential. Thus, the new system urged to break off a vicious circle in which for many years there was an army beskvartirnyh officers.

to Whom, as well as how much

the First lucky beggars can already celebrate house warming in 2008. Such, under forecasts of experts, it will be typed about twenty thousand. But to use this program while officers who will arrive on service after January, 1st, 2005 can only. The rests (that is to all present officers) should wait...

Lodging money will receive not only the Ministry of Defence, but also other departments where the military service is provided. For example, internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB of Russia, other departments. Small specification: military men will participate in the program only. Those who is equal to them, - are not present.

If the officer will not buy apartment, but will leave, without having served ten years, room will burn down . More precisely, the state will leave them to itself. After ten years money for ever remains in the property of the officer. But provided that it will leave under the necessary articles (on health, during staff redundancies or on a limiting length of service).

Theoretically soldiers and sergeants of contract service too can apply for habitation. Moreover, room will add also it. But use this money they can only after the conclusion of the third contract, that is approximately through seven - nine years of service.

But also here variants are possible. Let`s admit, the person has begun service the private soldier, and has a year or two from now finished courses and became the officer. Means, can already ask the price of habitation.

Pluses and mortgage minuses

Pluses of this nakopitelno - mortgage system that the officer can become the move-in without waiting dismissals. And it is possible to locate in any point of the country. Restriction only one: the prices for habitation in each concrete city. After all in calculation average cost of apartment undertakes. It is clear that in Moscow or St.-Petersburg square metres cost much more expensive. But if the person agrees to pay in addition - please.

Room will drip irrespective of, a leah the person had habitation to service in army, a leah has bought already apartment or not. It is not obligatory to it to become attached to a service place. It is possible to buy apartment in other region where the officer wants to live on pension and while ministers - to rent it. And in a part to it will give office apartment. In general, variants - weight.

Minuses that at calculation the concrete structure of a family is not considered. Though you the father - the hero, though an inveterate bachelor, the sum one. But it is compensated to that apartment it is not necessary to wait long, and settlement metric area decent.


are allocated For this program additional money. In 2005 it is 2,43 billion roubles. Ministry of economic development and trade has presented the scheme as the pilot project of the decision of a room problem in social sphere. If on the basis of army structures business goes, similar projects will start in other budgetary spheres. Possibilities to solve housing problem of teachers, doctors and other state employees thus will open.