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Merge of regions can become a tendency


Boris Makarenko, the centre of political technologies:

Association of small autonomous regions with large parent subjects of the Russian Federation can become a tendency. There are two more probable variants of merge: Ust - Ordynsky Buryat autonomous region with the Irkutsk region and a little other case - Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region with the Tyumen region.

Autonomous region - not simply one more subject of Federation. The autonomy was initially created for maintenance of the special specific rights of ethnic minority. In cases from Komi - Permjatsky and Ust - Ordynsky districts it is impossible to say that they became subjects at formation of Russia when everyone sufficed so much sovereignty, how much could. They were created as territory with compact residing of not numerous ethnic group. Yamal drops out of this number, because the region thanks to gas mammons has turned in sparsely populated, but more than the provided subject of the Russian Federation.

the Key moment in association models is the voluntariness principle. When the autonomous region was created for the sake of a small generality at a stage of formation of the Russian statehood it has received the status equal to Moscow or Krasnoyarsk region. Historical accident on many indicators is quite logical for correcting. Clearly that thus it is necessary to pronounce the guarantees providing interests of a radical ethnic nationality in corresponding laws. As a whole from such merge with more economically developed by the neighbour the sparsely populated territory wins.

On Yamal ethnic features nentsev, and budgetary relations and division of incomes of oil are as the corner-stone put not. In all other cases when there is a speech about association of self-sufficient subjects, it is important, that the initiative was from both parties voluntary and finished to mind. For example, if will want to reunite St.-Petersburg with Leningrad region. About Moscow and its area is while exotic.

Special changes in the Constitution from - for associations of Komi - Permjatsky district with the Perm edge it is not required. The law has the status constitutional because it will be necessary to register a new order of subjects. But it is faster formal constitutionality. Changes in the legislation of other plan are necessary. If association of regions expands in a tendency, probably, it is necessary to register a legislative order of this process. But high lights, in particular voluntariness and obligatory carrying out of a referendum, changes do not demand.

Michael Krasnov,   fund Indem :

- Certainly, association of Komi - Permjatsky autonomous region with the Perm area is a tendency, instead of a single instance. It is interesting, how much it is natural and whence goes - from below or from above. Not clearly, how much in united subjects realise necessity of association and a leah realise on a broader scale. While, seemingly, all becomes from above. Live discussion of this merge bears To it at federal level also.

it is necessary to change the Constitution. In the organic law all subjects of Federation both their kinds are specified, and any change of the status of subjects should be reflected. But at first they should unite that occurs according to the federal constitutional law, which Federation Council and has countenanced. I do not think that this association of regions will be the last, but structure following steams I not undertake to foretell.

Sergey Markelov, group   Mark Kommunikejshn :

- Association of district and area is a certain geographical element of administrative reform. Management of territories should become simpler. Besides both this merge, and other future integration of regions are economically proved and are with rare exception favourable to small subjects of Federation.

Amendments to the Constitution are technically inevitable. The list of subjects of Federation in the Organic law is a little morally obsolete. In the Constitution, as well as in any other document, there should be articles stabilising, immutable and, will tell so, dynamical. In this case it is a question of updating of such article without which change country upgrade is impossible.

the Following in steams for certain there are Ust - Ordynsky autonomous region and the Irkutsk region, and also Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region and the Tyumen region. There business is already cunning before signing of reports on intentions, and next year it is possible to wait for merge.