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Uniform Europe was helped by terrorists

For the Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Asnara it there was last meeting with the colleagues - leaders of the states of the Old World. There were at it negotiations and it is more difficult, than present. But for certain was not such unpleasant. During a friendly dinner the Spanish prime minister was silent and has left from - for a table, without waiting the terminations of evening. Asnaru was not on itself: that place under the European sun for its native Spain for which he persistently struggled all last years, will be for certain occupied now by others.

In Bruxelles grandees of the European policy united round a tandem France - Germany, have managed to destroy opposition of the average and small states headed by Spain and Poland. In Bruxelles the principle " has been countenanced; the double majority at the decision of key problems of community. He assumes that there are more than voices and weight will have the countries having more of the population and bolshy economic potential.

It contradicts arrangements which have been accepted in due time by the European Union countries at the summit in Nice in 2001. But completely corresponds to the project of the constitution of EU which the former president of France has developed Valeri Zhiskar D of Esten. And which very much suits France, Germany and Great Britain. Against there was a group of the countries led by Spain and Poland.

Thereby the European heavyweights have solved a question on how to save controllability of Uniform Europe after joining to the union of 10 new members next year and more two - in 2007 - m. opposition Front has been broken through after defeat on elections in Spain People party Asnara. The future Spanish prime minister, the leader of the defeated socialists Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has declared that is ready though tomorrow to countenance the text of the European constitution. That against which its rival minded.

Therefore Asnar also was silent in Bruxelles. Therefore have reconciled to defeat and Poles who alone cannot argue with old residents of the European Union.

Here so, at one stroke Islamic terrorists the explosions at the Madrid stations not only have beaten out from a saddle of Asnara, the faithful ally of America in its operations against Al - Kaidy and Saddam Hussein, but also have helped, let indirectly, to building of the European strong hold. It recognised even the head of the government of Ireland Bertie Ahern, whose country now presides in EU. the Madrid tragedy has made necessary search of compromises. All of us have felt requirement to make additional efforts for the blessing of Europe - he has declared upon termination of the summit in Bruxelles.

However, the future European strong hold promises to be not only economic, but also well equipped for fight against terrorism. The EU countries have agreed about acceptance of additional joint efforts on fight against terrorism. For coordination of efforts in this direction even the special commissioner of the European Union is appointed. It the mister Anti-terror there was a former Minister of Internal Affairs of Holland to Gijs de Vries. He should though a little get moving forward while a motionless cart of cooperation in this area.

In the European capitals are dissatisfied with work of the Eurofloor created still in 2001. Association of the Ministries of Justice of the EU countries - so-called Evrojust is a little used. A number of the countries of Europe and has not countenanced the agreement on the uniform warrant on arrest - basically from resistance to this idea from Italy.

While in Bruxelles following measures on counteraction to terror have been countenanced. The order of conducting similar investigations will be unified, the uniform European program of protection of witnesses is created. Additional measures on protection of contacts by phone and through the Internet are developed.