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Repeated elections in Georgia

All revolutionary roses koljuchi, but prickly Georgian, probably, are not present. The former opposition from euphoria of victory on presidential election on January, 4th as its yesterday`s fellow travellers have begun to form new pre-election front under the slogan " has not had time to cool down still; All against the president! I have visited in a staff - apartments of three political parties which have declared the opposition of the new power, and in all three have heard the same version. Yes, in January supported Saakashvili`s nominee in presidents because alternatives to it were not. And in March we refuse to it support, because...

under well-known the Certificate about independence of Georgia accepted in 1991, the chairman of the Supreme body of that time Acacius Asatiani has put the signature to the second - right after president Zviada Gamsahurdia. Since then on a political scene of Georgia also there is a centre-right party Traditsionalisty . Now to its leader fifty years.

- All of us ten years were in opposition to a mode of Shevardnadze. At a stage of overthrow of this mode were in the union with Saakashvili`s command, but then our roads have dispersed. Slogans and promises which are distributed by the new power are alien to us: that salaries will soon double that taxes will be cancelled that the privatised objects are subject to nationalisation... Who these people: trotskisty, maoisty? Or calculation what Americans will give four more billions dollars to these greenhorns? It not everything that divides us. We - Georgian traditsionalisty, opponents in principle of presidential republics who all over the world are transformed to dictatorships. That is why us very much disturbs, what we will receive parliament. At very high lath through passage - 7 percent - are risk that it can appear actually one-party.

the Chairman of the Labour party of Shalva Natelashvili, unfortunately, has appeared on a trip, and I was accepted by one of its assistants g - n Indzhia presented so: Fridon Ilyich . As - that in a fit of temper the leader of the Georgian labourites has declared that revolution of roses it was made personally against it and I wanted to learn more in detail, than this disappointment has been called. It was necessary to ask about it its assistant.

- Tell, and if in November of last year not Michael Saakashvili has gone with a rose in a hand on a parliament tribune where still there was Shevardnadze, and your leader would dare at such step how you think, today it and would be the president of the country?

Fridon Ilyich has thought and has responded:

- Yes is not present, it was not meaningful. Because in Saakashvili`s hands the rose meant that the Soros fund - the application to it. And in hands of Natelashvili it there was simply a flower. We, labourites, - opponents in principle global democracy which impose to Georgia the Soros fund and its zealous local followers. Sooner or later this global democracy will swallow Georgia, anything from it without having left.

In party New right I was accepted by one of its heads David Saganalidze.

- Georgia has misled the whole world, - this young politician has told to me. - all continue to believe that for president Saakashvili 96 percent of voters have voted almost. But in Georgia of 3,4 million voters, and in elections of the new president have taken part only 1,9 million - hardly more half.

- Then 96 percent whence undertook?

- And it already arithmetics of urns: really, from those who has lowered in them the bulletin, the majority have voted for Saakashvili. To explain you the mechanics of our electoral system, it is necessary to begin with November parliamentary elections. It is literally last night before elections lists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have changed for lists of any American computer company. And the computer does not distinguish, for example, the prospectus of Shota Rustaveli from S.Rustaveli`s prospectus, as a result the whole streets and settlements voted on two, and even on three times. In lists it has been brought much dead souls but ten thousand people at all have not found out itself in them. That is why the Sovereign court on request of opposition has cancelled results of November elections. The former opposition, becoming the power, has thought up new system of voting: only the one who will come on polling district with the passport, and will receive the bulletin. Now it and is called: self-check in of voters. On it we should choose and new parliament.

Certainly, I should come and to the Central election committee. As well as in the majority of the Georgian establishments, the new person there sat. Before the purpose in the Central Electoral Committee Zurab Chiaberashvili headed the non-governmental organisation Fair elections . It at night on November, 2nd has collected it more than 2 thousand reports about 2871 polling districts of Georgia, has made parallel counting of votes and has made representation to the Sovereign court, particularly having shown character and scale of falsifications. Without its report in Georgia, probably, would occur not revolution of roses and revolution of stones .

- What is this the computer organisation which so has unfairly or nonprofessionally prepared pre-election lists, what shakes Georgia till now?

- the International fund of electoral systems Ajfes . But what claims to it? The Ministry of Internal Affairs was late converted behind the help, has late given necessary materials, the fund has coped with work actually one days prior to elections. To verify its lists with lists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs any more there was no possibility, here and there was a substitution. It is not excluded that unapproved intrusions into computer lists have been thus undertaken. The State Office of Public Prosecutor still understands all it.

- When you have occupied this office?

- 35 days prior to presidential election. And at once it has appeared before a dilemma: or to clean and again to start the same lists, on what obviously there was no time, besides the trust of voters to them has been undermined, or to begin formation of new lists, from below, hands of voters. Have preferred this second way. By the way, such system is used in many countries of the world and it is considered the most faultless.

- How much voters have voted to Michael Saakashvili: 96 percent or only 50 with the small?

- Personally I do not doubt that the first figure is fair. So 1 960 000 voters of Georgia who were registered the day before and in the election day have voted.

- But after all and absence huge: almost one and a half million!

- And here we still should understand this phenomenon. You see for the last 10 - 12 years have emigrated almost one and a half million Georgian. Basically at selective age. Most of all - to Russia. In November the old Central Electoral Committee has founded behind boundaries of Georgia of 69 selective points, in January is already at me - has been founded only 26. Why so have sharply reduced their number? And you can tell to me where in Russia there is a city of Svetlograd?

Alas, I did not know. The central election committee of Georgia too has not found it on maps of the Russian Federation. If to judge on sent of this city in the Central Electoral Committee to the report on November elections in the Georgian parliament, in Svetlograde 2000 Georgian lives in selective age, from them of 99 percent have voted party in power Shevardnadze. However, neither election committee Svetlograda reports, nor lists of citizens of Georgia living in it to the report it has not been enclosed - one figures. By the way, participate in the Georgian elections those emigrants who have declared itself in consular branches of Georgia abroad can only. In Moscow those it is typed... Five hundred persons. And in Svetlograde - two thousand?

it is necessary to tell that on repeated elections in the Georgian parliament which will pass this Sunday, the foreign polling district by name of Svetlograd already is not present.