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Lagutenko has read the offscreen text in Thieves of books

the First display of a film of Leonid Rybakova Thieves of books has passed on the Moscow film festival every other day after the picture left laboratory. The premiere was postponed some times - a tape sent on reinstallation. It seems, it is not vain - even now a film of the director - the debutant it seems crude. Music was written by group Mummies - the troll and its leader Ilya Lagutenko has taken active part in work on a film - to it, besides other, have entrusted the offscreen text.


Ayr rokapopsa

At maiden Katrin it is impossible to go on life laughing. It advertises in the newspaper: I Die of melancholy. Help on call two boys and one girl are. Each of them hardly - hardly the outsider, at everyone is the reason to come on this appointment and the history. To screen life of heroes more all is applicable a word pastime - anything essential by a plot it is not provided. Their unity zybko - voleju authors to initially separated quartet do not allow to grow together in a single whole, and Katrin - to become the main heroine.

Lagutenko remembers that Fishermen has told to it about a film still five years ago; this detail is more important, than it seems at first sight. mummies - the troll there was at the peak of popularity, as well as singer Zemfira opened by it. Admirers rolled in lagutenkovskih sladkozvuchijah and zemfirinyh krichalkah. Later fans grandiloquently name this time an era rokapopsa and on a film it is visible that before the beginning of shootings its authors still were under its impression.

Brodsky in substitutes

In a song of ideologist Pink Floyd of Roger Waters is words: a leah you Know, what such this short life of the queen - the teenager? probably, this question did not give rest to the director. Efemernost a youth, short duration of a joint hellbender of the foolish four, inexpressive to smazannosti persons of people around - teenagers - romanticists in all generations possessed the big charm, than pragmatists surrounding them. The author Thieves admits the love to generation Mummies - the troll in five years after it has sunk into a non-existence and so completely that is not clear, a leah there was it when - nibud on a broader scale.

Katrin in a film and neither here nor there reads more often Brodsky. Like Michael Prorokovu who has named generational the story Brodsky Grebenshchikov Aksenov Director Rybakov does last great Russian poet of one of dominants of generation of younger brothers prorokovskih heroes. Only here judging by that, how its verses sound from a mouth of the heroine of a film - strictly divided by a rhythm, without any account nahlestnyh lines, - Brodsky at new generation has turned from a voice of a century in next, on a level with Pushkin and Turgenevym, a demon of boredom from a literature office. The film name, by the way, too sends to lyrics of the poet: the thief of books Brodsky names the hero of a poem On the death of the friend . Is in this poem and other characteristic of its character: the Person of a roadway... Downwards on the dark river departuring in a colourless coat, whose fasteners one also rescued you from disintegration . The named film thus the author or has simply taken out of context the attracted word combination, or at it so especial relation to heroes that hardly it is clear to somebody, except it.

the Film or a clip?

It is a film which is settled by a soundtrack; such was not even in namolennom the Brother - 2 - there the plot all - taki existed also in itself, being weaved with alarm of songs Bi - 2 and Agatha Christie . Zarisovochnost Thieves sagging threads of a plot, subject stilts on which actors should move from the film beginning by its end under music Mummies - the troll - all it turns to the big clip which should be judged under other standards is any more absolutely cinema. Lagutenko, the let out soundtrack a separate plate, admitted to the correspondent that necessity to work in the frameworks put by the director has rendered on it beneficial influence.

It seems that in the Russian cinema there was a type generational Youth films where direction flaws are compensated by similarity a portrait of the contemporary . For the first time such words to the Tender age Sergey Solovev who has shot a picture about lost " has heard; generation - 1976 . To a tape of Rybakova followed give an intermediate second place - despite all miscalculations. Last place, probably, remains for Walk - a film about teenagers who are found only in capital heads of script writer Duni Smirnovoj and director Alexey Uchitelja.