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Evgenie Pljushchenko - the triple world champion

to Many fans is still memorable a silver failure Evgenie Pljushchenko in the recent European championship in Budapest. A failure as for the Russian figure skater, according to experts, there is no other place, except the first.


the Next competitive day has begun with performance of the dancers who have presented on spectator court original programs. Here was not equal to Tatyana Navke and Roman Kostomarov. In spite of the fact that Russians left on ice as a part of penultimate warm-up, they have received the higher estimations of arbitrators, including the six for virtuosity. After Alexander Zhulina`s pupils in judicial reports the Bulgarian duet Albena Denkova - Maxim Stavitsky has settled down. The third place was occupied with the Ukrainian figure skaters Elena Grushin and Ruslan Goncharov.

Winners of the last year`s World championship among juniors Russians Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin while occupy the tenth line. One more domestic pair - debutants of so large competitions Svetlana Kulikova - Vitaly Novikov have appeared on 13 - j positions.

Despite the big spectator interest to competitions of dancers, the basic attention of fans it has been chained to competitions of men. Unfortunately, prior to the beginning of any program the second number of a domestic national team Ilya Klimkin has acted in film from the World championship from - for foot traumas. Victor Kudryavtsev`s pupil has told that on morning training before solving hire has felt a severe pain in the right foot at execution double akselja. As a result the doctor of our command Victor Anikanov ascertained an anguish of a two-headed muscle of a hip. it is relapse of my old trauma, - the sportsman admitted. - I have approached to the championship almost healthy. However during the short program again has felt a pain, and before the any it became definitive clearly, it is impossible what to act . Really, in a present status Ilya could not make a worthy competition to the strongest figure skaters of a planet.

Participants of the World championship have shown gathered the highest level of readiness, simply having amazed all with complexity of programs and magnificent prokatami. Even the sportsmen acting in the weakest warm-ups, broke squall of an applause, forcing spectators to give a standing ovation. What to speak about performance of leaders where to Evgenie Pljushchenko the lot has dropped out to act as the last. Agree, not easy test of nerves to leave on ice, knowing that thy rivals have received high appreciation. However the Russian has shown a tremendous psychological spirit, faultlessly having executed the cascade 4+3+2, and then a fourfold jump and a combination from threefold and double. Even annoying falling out of the blue in an ending of the program devoted to memory of Vaclav Nizhinsky, has not played a main role. After performance Evgenie has told that as a whole is happy with hire: Except for an error which I have admitted in conclusion of a composition, all has passed well. The main thing that to me was possible to win one more gold for Russian national team .

With a silver medal Dortmund is left by the main rival Pljushchenko Frenchman Bryan Zhuber. The bronze award of the championship has got to the owner of tournament to German Shtefanu Lindemanu.

Again crowned the leader of man`s single figure skating has answered questions of the correspondent.

- Eugene, your compatriot Ilya Klimkin has acted in film from competitions from - for foot traumas. You had no similar problems?

- Special problems were not. Preparation has passed in usual, operating conditions. I have approached to the championship in the good form and felt very confidently. Besides at all competitions I am am accompanied by the doctor - the physiatrist. During the day to me some times do massage, before the performance my trainer Alexey Nikolaevich also masses to me knees, using various warming up ointments.

- the Question on operation is actual till now?

- Yes. But we will do all conclusions upon termination of a season. After the World championship I will participate in Collins`s Tour are the demonstration performances consisting from 18 shows - programs. In an interval of these performances I will participate in competitions of six strongest figure skaters of the world - About - N . And then, if my physical status does not worsen, I will go to tour over Russia. Constantly I am under supervision of doctors, every week I pass medical inspection.

- In the European championship you have told that have lost from - for bad psychological preparations.

- Not absolutely so. Simply I have too relaxed, have forgotten taste of struggle. After the first successfully executed element there was a sensation of a clear victory. It was the big error for my part. Naturally, I have considered a bitter experience and any more did not afford such liberties.

- a leah It is possible to speak about the general lifting in figure skating after serious recession in the Postolympic season?

- it is possible to speak about small calm, instead of about recession More likely. This competitive year Americans and Chineses are very strong. Children have considerably complicated the programs, having added fourfold jumps and cascades. And in pair figure skating sportsmen have considerably added, it can be carried both to Russians, and to the command from Heavenly Empire. The most eloquent certificate of growth of figure skating - interest from fans: The Dortmund arena is jam-packed practically. And on the championship of Russia in Peter came on 12 thousand spectators.

- It was pleasant, how you accepted in Germany?

- Certainly. Pleases that here many the Russian fans, many of them have specially arrived to support us. And local public greeted me very warmly.

- you said that want to act in film. To you did not do similar offers?

- Know, when I was on one of stages of Gran - at, directly during my performance at me the mobile has rung out. As I could not approach, my friends have responded to a call. It has appeared that with me producers of one film who wanted to suggest to participate to me in film-making process tried to communicate. But, because I could not respond, the role has left.

- did not try to work in this direction?

- I simply do not have on it time: constant trainings, moving, competitions, demonstration performances. Though I discussed this subject with representatives of show - business. Shootings of a film of Edvalda Smirnova now are outlined, therefore I try to find time for this project.

- As far as I know, Anastasia Volochkova should be your partner?

- On idea, yes. But it while only an idea, I did not talk yet to Anastasiej. We will look that from this it will turn out.