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Iljasov it is appointed by the head of Federal agency on fishery

Unexpectedness have tested, apparently, and in the Ministry of Agriculture which structure includes fish agency. On Wednesday of Vladimir Burkov who was and. Islands of head Goskomrybolovstva, saw at session with participation of minister Alexey Gordeyev in an armchair intended for the main fisher. Burkov persistently designated on this post, kakovye moods were divided also by him.

Not a secret that throughout last years in fish branch the economic aspect has been deeply buried under the criminal. With fish affairs connect murder of the governor of the Magadan area g - on Tsvetkova, and also some loud criminal cases. Heads of fish committee throughout all its history were not late in an armchair longer, than for some months, and against Evgenie Nazdratenko who has managed to remain sitting on a volcano longest, has been started present special action And that Nazdratenko has escaped in an armchair of the vice-president of Security Council, analytics explained only personal intervention of the President. After its resignation exactly one year ago in the main fishermen has visited three officials, and mentioned g - n Burkov formally and remained and. The island

Stanislav Iljasov never was engaged in fish, and it, maybe, even is good - all who it were engaged, have become impregnated with fish spirit.

the Skilled manager, Iljasov hopes that will work well together with Gordeyev: All - taki we long worked together in one Government he has told in the first interview in a new field. While it is not known, than and functions of new agency powers will differ from old committee. Most likely, the agency will lose the right to distribute fish quotas that was a source of misfortunes and for Goskomrybolovstva, and for fishermen. The general policy will be spent by the Ministry of Agriculture which hardly will revive the system of fish auctions so favourite in the Ministry of economic development and trade which was the second reason of conflicts. But it is necessary to Iljasovu, and at once, to solve, a leah he agrees so that as the main fish controllers frontier guards acted. Judging by that pograntsy have acted with advancing statements in that spirit that they and only they can catch poachers, the decision can be and not in their advantage.