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In search of a victim

Before EU expansion there was almost a month. On May, 1st, in Walpurgis night, in the European Union becomes on 10 countries more. Several months ago Russia has missed that fine loses from this expansion. However, how much, and it is not clear. Spoke about 150 million dollars, then Gref has declared that, can, we will not lose cent if we will agree. And   has departed to Bruxelles. To agree.
contrast meanwhile that have told Gref and Lami, and that actually has solved the summit, can minister the bright grant on double diplomacy. we have solved 90 percent of problems, - Paskal Lami has told. - the thunder-storm, but now weather Approached has improved, it is not far from stably clear . Gref has picked up: I Hope that by May, 1st last clouds " will vanish;.
that is good for hydrometeorological centre, not always approaches international trade. The final statement accepted at the summit, people in raincoats and with umbrellas obviously wrote. The EU countries have urged Russia to extend in an automatic mode to 10 beginners the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, that is the standard report of relations from EU.
from this report - all fears of Russia. The report forces to trade with Europe which has become on 10 countries more, in the same volume, as before. A unique reservation in the resolution, but very much grand-dad`s : EU is opened for dialogue with Russia, if its fears are lawful however the Agreement on partnership is not discussed.
who in Russia will not suffer from EU expansion, already precisely it is known: they are metallurgists and exporters of nuclear fuel. During intense negotiations which went all last month, those and others have actually achieved quota increase (the resolved volume of import) on the production. Yesterday in Bruxelles also discussed branch problems - the whole package. While it is known that spoke about agriculture, and Gref has noticed that If in the end of April in Moscow the package arrangement the damage of Russia or will not be is signed, or it will be minimised to tolerant .
Well and who will suffer? Gref has noticed that unresolved there is a Kaliningrad question. We will remind that after EU and introduction expansion there Lithuania to carry the goods there and therefrom from the big Russia it becomes very expensive. Gref has declared that while there is a position at which transport of cargoes will be economically unprofitable . Interesting, and what Lami thinks about it? Badly, he has told, if transit cost will increase in excessive degree but transit rules should respond norms of EU, and any to another.
fondly to believe that Gref does not understand : 10 - percentage overcast over Kaliningrad will sadden weather over all Russia. But is such game. While negotiations are not finished - or we pretend that all is bad, or - that very well, avoiding semitones. Tactics katastrofizma (well-known Gref`s ultimatum which as a result is declared mythical ) has not worked. Now in a course delanyj optimism. Well and EU, seemingly, really has decided to request from Russia for EU expansion the Kaliningrad price. As well as at accession to WTO, to us concede to a particular, but beat on the sensitive.