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Baramidze about corruption

- Across Georgia the wave of arrests has swept. It is campaign?

- Is not present, not campaign. We thus send a signal to all who has been got mixed up in corruption: better voluntary skvitat the back taxes, than subsequently to answer the law and court.

- Thereupon the most appreciable actions of last time - arrest of the president of football federation, the chief of department of the railway. Who else?

- Have arrested the former Minister of Energy, the operating chairman of the power distributive company. It is a figure more feasibly, than the Minister of Energy because he distributed all energy, established tariffs. Have arrested some large swindlers - businessmen who owned the markets. For example, directors of the market in Sadahlo is a point on a joint of borders of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia through which without interruption there was a contraband.

- In the end of January the extradition from Moscow any large thief in the law has taken place. And it that for the person?

It is not simple the thief, and the real terrorist, the kidnapper and the gangster. His name is Shota Chichiashvili. Put on the wanted list in the area of the Interpol, he has been arrested in June of last year in Moscow on apartment of the relative. It is accused under seven articles UK of Georgia, including for kidnapping: three Spanish businessmen, employees of the International committee of the Geneva cross, and the British banker. Some months the gang of Chichiashvili kept the hostages in the Pankissky gorge.

We are very grateful to the State Office of Public Prosecutor and FSB of Russia that they have responded to the request of law enforcement bodies of Georgia for an extradition of this gangster. Should tell that such crimes in Georgia have blossomed only in the latest years, against the general economic decline and the unbridled corruption.

the former deputy minister of defence, the general - the major Here is just arrested. It has appeared one of organizers of abduction of banker Maglahelidze. It was held highly in mounts, in a hard-to-reach spot, in transhee depth of 70 centimetres and in the length a maximum by of two metres, the mount dug on a slope. In this, as a matter of fact, to a ready tomb it has spent 35 days. If the repayment has been paid, thieves simply would bring down a breakage the earth and have buried the person alive. Some criminals on this business still are wanted.

- the Anticorruption law developed three years ago and rejected by president Shevardnadze, can be still staticized?

- you mean the bill About returning of illegally appropriated real estate . Yes, really, Shevardnadze has rejected it. And after that Saakashvili has already openly opposed the corrupted device. Directly at session of the government it has shown photos of magnificent country houses. And, being converted to the president, has told: while many people in the country starve, without receiving even the scanty pensions, these misters build such private residences! But if to speak directly, we have enough laws that, leaning against them, to return to the people the plundered property. That we also do today.

- In parliament of 1995 you supervised over the commission on fight against corruption and headed party in power fraction - the Union of citizens of Georgia . At the initiative of Shevardnadze you have been selected by one of its five assistants in party. And after such career soar have left in opposition. Why?

- Well, this process has occupied not one year. When to me have suggested to head the commission on fight against corruption, I have asked Shevardnadze: And if we face such forces, what it can call even internal political destabilization, a leah our state is ready to such test? - yes, it is ready . - And I have an ambition that it costed to me, to struggle for the ideas up to the end. On charge in corruption four members of the government - the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Energy, the Minister of Agriculture and the minister of telecommunications have been sent in resignation. But on it all also has ended: SHevardnadze has ordered to suspend all named affairs. Any of them and has not been passed in court.