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“ Russia “ in breakage will not hand over

the News which has recently flown mass-media, looked monstrously: the Moscow authorities have made decision to take down hostel “ Russia “ and on its place to construct a huge parking. The destiny faceless steklobetonnogo has excited buildings of very few people, but really the government of Moscow indeed will not regret expensive earth in historical city centre and will erect on it the new monster? - The architectural public has shuddered.

- Well what clever person will go on it? - The main architect of Moscow Alexander Kuzmin in reply to the request has told to the correspondent to comment on the message. - Yury Luzhkov to whom the press refers, has really told that after hostel dismantling " will end; Moscow “ the capital plans to start hostel dismantling “ Russia “. But it will be made that on its place to construct some new hostels, and under them - an underground parking. And really, unless it is normal, what in the largest hotel of Europe there is no parking place?

Joseph Ordzhonikidze has reminded that idea of dismantling “ Russia “ has arisen in 1990. “ too prodigally for a city (and “ Russia “ is in its property) to have near to the Kremlin, on the bank of the Moskva River third-rate hostel with poor numbers and low ceilings “ - it has explained. Attempts to make it presentable plainly have not changed anything, despite a heap of the spent money. Even the area of apartments as it was found out, it is impossible to increase, as it is impossible to take down partitions - all walls between numbers bearing. And then a little the Russian and foreign architects have suggested authorities of the capital to disassemble all four dvadtsatichetyrehetazhnyh cases - “ the south “ “ the north “ “ the West “ and “ the east “. And stilobatnuju a part on which they stand to leave untouched and to erect on it 15 - 20 small hotels of a different class which on the shape will remind historical building China - cities.

At first the government of Moscow has rejected this idea. Now it has suddenly seemed to it extremely fruitful. Quite probably that sight change was contributed by deficiency of territory, all having more sharply an effect in last years. To construct for the next seven years hotels on 200 thousand places as it is provided by the city target program till 2010, has noted Ordzhonikidze, 500 hectares of the earth are necessary for a city. But they are not present. Here with hope of reconstruction of all multicase hostels (especially much them the authorities also look at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre) in which course expect to lift their comfort. “ a stilobatnuju part “ Russia “ it is possible to prolong to the Moskva River, - has shared the deputy The mayor details of the developed new concept of building of territory which will be released after a pulling down “ Russia “. Below under it to start up a traffic, and from above to make congress to the Moskva River and a mooring at which will stop water tramvajchiki. Considering that stilobatnaja the part from Vasilevsky descent to kitajgorodskoj walls very wide, turns out enormous space. If on it to plant one more floor places will suffice both for parkings, and for a walking zone, and for pair the public centres - capacity per 100 thousand persons everyone where will take place different city parties, and for cinemas which compensate loss present “ Zarjadja “. Some expensive hotels, height no more than on 5 - 6 floors, will take place on the third, uppermost platform. Such lay-out will allow a city to receive as a result the same of 5 thousand hotel rooms which has now “ Russia “. Direct descent to water can be constructed of their halls.

Unfortunately, the architectural monuments of Zarjadja ruined only that five thousand of delegates of party congresses could go from hotel rooms on foot to the Kremlin palace of congresses, will not return. But steam of temples is supposed to be recreated nevertheless, as well as two kitajgorodskie towers. “ it was always especially a pity to me kitajgorodskuju a wall which have blown up in 1940 of last. It as  destruction of the person passed all war and struck by a bullet on May, 9th “ - Kuzmin has told.

And more one curious detail. Unlike taken down “ Intourist “ and taken down now “ Moscow “ “ Russia “ to breakage will not go. It will disassemble. And from quite strong still panels and aluminium windows will construct campings both youth and tourist hotels where it is possible to remove number for 10 - 15 dollars, the most scarce now in Moscow. Even furniture from “ Russia “ Quite still will serve, officials consider.

And that will be with hostel “ Minsk “?

Terms of a pulling down of this hostel, appointed the capital government for April, and buildings on this place of modern hotel, can be removed. The matter is that the area of building of a new hotel complex under the project should be increased. To make it it is necessary for the bill “ clearings “ surrounding space to which the State Unitary Enterprise building " gets; the MISINFORMATION of the Tver area “ in the Tar lane, 3, located behind hostel. Inhabitants of a lane “ have taken up arms “ against a pulling down of the former profitable house constructed in the beginning of the last century by architect Olgerdom Piotrovichem. The building in style ar nuvo is not a monument, but, according to active workers - public men, it represents a part of an architectural ensemble of the Tar lane and a pulling down of one will cause a pulling down of all lane.

Initiative group of inhabitants next to hostel “ Minsk “ of houses in the Tar lane has made the decision on creation of the territorial community vested with the right independently to define the town-planning policy in area, and intend to defend a building of the MISINFORMATION.