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In Georgia elections have taken place

On the eve of day of voting Vladimir Putin has made in Sochi a startler.

It has not excluded possibility of cancellation of a visa regime with Georgia. the visa regime is not connected with Georgia by bad or good character of relations, it is connected with a fight against terrorism problem - the President has informed journalists.

Putin has underlined that with a former management it was not possible to adjust close work on border, Saakashvili has suggested to give new qualities to this cooperation. The president of Russia considers that if offers of the Georgian party will be realised, it will deduce relations on new level .

Michael Saakashvili has learnt about these statements of the Russian President from journalists on 12 - m polling district Tbilisi where it voted, and has asked again them: Who has told? to it have responded: Putin . Then Saakashvili has continued: I think that he is a man of his word and if promised to remove a visa regime it it will execute, and we greet it .

But much in visa regime cancellation will depend on results of yesterday`s elections in Georgia, to be exact - that will follow them.

Alas, in the election day Georgia was not kept from violence escalation. For an hour before the voting termination in Adzharii pogroms of polling districts have begun. On it to journalists was informed by the chairman of the Central election committee of Georgia Zurab Chiaberashvili. In particular, polling districts in Batumi, by Kobuleti, Tsihisdziri, other regions of an autonomy are crushed. In Helvachaursky area chairmen of the commissions demand from voters of voting by show of hands.

However already after some minutes this information has been denied by the authorities of Tbilisi and Batumi.

In conversation with journalists Saakashvili in the election day has informed that to it plans on defeat of polling districts in Adzharii after their closing are known. He, however, hopes that the common sense will suffice a management of Adzharii not to go on an aggravation.

In turn Abashidze has declared: We have trustworthy information that the centre will connect all levers for conditions destabilization in an autonomy without dependence from that, how much percent of votes we (that is party the Renaissance .-) we will receive on elections .

On the instructions of Michael Saakashvili, the prime minister observed of a course of elections in Adzharii - minister Zurab Zhvanija and some ministers of the government of Georgia. Heightened interest to elections in an autonomy is shown also by foreign observers: monitoring representatives of OSCE, the Council of Europe here spend, the CIS, the non-governmental organisations of Georgia.

Besides dramas, were on elections and funny things: Voting have refused to the chairman of one of the most known opposition parties of Georgia Labourites Shalve Natelashvili. On one of polling districts in the centre of Tbilisi have considered that it has not enough for participation in voting only the passport, and have demanded from it the registration certificate. The main labourite had no it. It became the basis for the party statement according to which the authorities pursue Labourites as most real political competitors also do not want to let in them parliament.

However, Saakashvili has categorically denied conversations that Georgia is threatened with an one-party system. As he said, the new parliament following the results of elections is already completed on November, 2nd, 2003 by 75 majority deputies, 50 from which are not representatives of the ruling block.

When number

By data ekzit - pollov was imposed, on parliamentary elections in Georgia the party " is in the lead; National movement - democrats which Michael Saakashvili heads.

This party has typed 78,6 % of votes and agrees to the data ekzit - pollov while is the unique political organisation which has overcome 7 - a percentage barrier through passage on parliamentary elections on proportional system, reports News - Georgia . By data ekzit - pollov, the selective block the Right opposition: Industrialists - New (leaders Gogs Topadze and David Gamkrelidze) has typed 4,8 % of voices, the Labour party (leader Shalva Natelashvili) - 4,4 %, the Union of democratic revival (leader Aslan Abashidze) - 3,7 % of voices.

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