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Matvienko has stood up for small-scale business

According to Valentina Matvienko`s governor, the city government plans to double a profitable part of the local budget for four years, and this problem not to solve without the aid of business. Including small. In this sphere in Petersburg it is occupied about 600 thousand persons. Almost all sphere of service are small enterprises, and small-scale business gives 28 percent of the taxes collected in city treasury.

At the same time, according to the experts the governments, the shadow turn of small enterprises seven times exceeds the official. Besides, in this sector of economy of the salary to workers pay in cash more often. officially declared incomes of the population of St.-Petersburg twice below official expenses - was indignant governor Matvienko. Also declared that the government intends to struggle rigidly with salaries in envelopes: By the end of the year we should finish the minimum earnings in budgetary sphere to living wage level - three thousand roubles. Also we will demand the same from businessmen. And who will not make, that we will strictly punish - she has told.

the Governor also has revolted that in a city of small enterprises in consumer services sphere. I needed to repair a button for a suit so I could not find a workshop which would be engaged in it, - she has informed. - and more, inhabitants write to me that from sale the household domestic goods have disappeared. A hook for a bathroom Russian not to buy, all Turkish yes the Chinese. And not too cheap. Why our small businessmen it do not make all?

New Advice should develop recommendations for small business development, and, under Valentina Matvienko`s promise, the city laws regulating enterprise activity, will not be accepted without the expert judgement of this advisory body.

the chairman of the board of Association of industrialists and businessmen Sergey Fedorov became Its head. In the inaugural speech he has informed that nobody knows precisely, how much in a city of working small enterprises: tax inspection names figure 140 of thousand, and Goskomstat - 90 thousand.

- the Problem to raise a profitable part of the budget twice it it is, of course, healthy. But how it will be solved by the official? It will increase taxes, will lift a rent, begins to sell the city property. And by that liquidates small-scale business. Imagine: the businessman rents ten years a premise under shop, licks it, cares. But money for the repayment yet has not collected. And suddenly to it speak: or urgently buy this premise, or we will sell its to another, more monetary.

Us urge to participate performed by the state order. But those who tried to make it, speak to me: Serezha, we cannot compete, as court competitors appoint such sums that on them no work can be made if fairly to pay taxes . In a word, Sergey Fedorov has explained to the governor that orders from a city are received just by those who does shadow business.

Therefore Sergey Fedorov has suggested to give to privilege small enterprises under the repayment of rented premises, to find possibility to provide with their credits, to estimate the documents given on tenders under the state order not only from the point of view of the low price, but also from the point of view of reliability of the company. Valentina Matvienko has promised all these offers attentively to consider.