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Festival the Gold mask has begun cheerfully

In one it is a sign on the self-assured, well adjusted theatrical business which became the Gold mask for ten years of the life. The director of ceremony - the Petersburg master of carnival representations Andrey Moguchy has connected in the show of people and beasts, having presented spectators a meeting with unconditional truth of circus. In itself this idea is executed humour, if not poisonous sarcasm. Drama art of last decade if to look at it through impartial fires of circus, it is almost deprived one important quality which the circus possesses to the full, - courage. Courage and fearlessness, predelnosti both honesty before itself and public. If acrobats fly up in air and soar under a dome, making inconceivable kulbity, - that is their present and responsible choice from which at public grasps spirit. And it was the cheerful and correct idea in Day of theatre to collect the theatrical people in circus and to show it beauty and force on - to the present of risking people.

the Idea was good, but show as always went to pieces and collapsed on the move. Have begun, truth, bravo: under march sounds I do not know other such country and shots from a film Circus with monumental power on ladders standard-bearers in the white have gone down. On their backs names of winners " flaunted; the Gold mask for ten years of her life.

Further two kovernyh, rolled out on arena, by thorough examination have appeared the national actor and chairman STD Alexander Kalyagin and the president of Association the Gold mask too national actor George Taratorkinym. The first though has become skilled in farce art, but kovernogo has not had time to master art. Its muffled mutter did not reach the top numbers.

However, texts have been executed hidden from many present sense. Red - Kalyagin and White - Taratorkin all found out among themselves, how much it is necessary to pay to receive a mask. Gergiev with Mariinsky theatre in the Anniversary program Masks has not appeared, and about it Red too something muttered. When on arena have taken out a wise and sad lion in a cage, Red began to search for Dodin`s Lion and to appeal: Abramych! Abramych! . Abramych too could not present in the Anniversary program Masks tours glorified MDT - Theatre of Europe. MKhAT of Chekhov has requested such rent that tours should be postponed till June.

Concerning a lion Red still something made jokes. The smile, speaks, at it same courageous and kind, as at our President. And on Vova he responds, wants when to eat. Two exchanged such simple jokes kovernyh. White basically it is sad was silent, obviously, expecting, when it will put in a box and will cut half-and-half. Position was rescued by beasts. The huge old elephant personified a nomination Performances of the big form and the doggie changed clothes for an elephant - Performances of the small form . Camels and the llama, obviously, represented Edward Bojakova`s dreams about far Africa. After all the permanent director the Gold mask leaves the child and goes to Africa to carry out the new theatrical project with the Russian and African dancers. And when will return, will continue to supervise gergievskim Paschal festival . On change to it in the Mask the former director MHATa of Chekhov Maria Revyakin, not found common language with Oleg Tabakovym will come.

Edward Bojakov was the Protagonist of all representation. It was on a circus ring as courageous pilot Petrovich . pomatrosiv With Katya Gusevoj, the performer of a role of Katya Tatarinovoj in the North - Oste it has flied up under a dome of circus and has disappeared in clouds. After a while its doll therefrom has fallen, and Bojakov has appeared in a tuxedo to declare names of participants of ceremony. But its words have sunk in noise of dispersing public which have suggested to leave a premise through the central exit. Production an overlay has crumpled assumed solemnity of the ending. But all and without that already gathered for a banquet, and ceremony left cheerfully though and it is puzzled: here already both beasts have connected, and acrobats, and the sea of cognac for a thousand hall, and national actors in quality kovernyh, and Bojakov - under a circus dome, and show all the same does not leave.

However, it not the main thing. The main thing that performances pleased. And in the present program it is a lot of them, also will choose jury difficultly.

the Competitive program anniversary Masks Will last till April, 12th and it will be closed by ceremony on a Bolshoi theatre scene. There, probably, will be on - to the present solemnly.