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Hitler - the honourable citizen

This decision became the clarification certificate, instead of necessity simply dictated by time - mayor Norbert Lejtner has commented on event. According to mister Lejtnera, its predecessors abided in belief that with Hitler`s death the name of the dictator has been automatically struck off the list honourable citizens, therefore they never and did not bring up this question.

Meanwhile in Germany still there was a city among which honoured workers the former head of the third Reich till now appears. It is Bitterfeld in the earth Saxony - Anhalt. The local mayor supports preservation before the created lists of honour for completeness of history .

Paradox that if on behalf of the Fuhrer all try to get rid for its property fight almost to death. For all cases when at various auctions collectors spread the five-place sums for possession the pictures written by young Hitler are known. Today investors have seized in fight for possession ruins of the rate of Hitler the Wolf den under Vinnitsej, in Ukraine. The Fuhrer has spent there in total three and a half a month. The rate it decided to transform into an antifascist museum open-air. To put up money in this enterprise many want. In struggle for possession dens the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Victor Medvedchuk has joined even, having promised to lay out for 49 years of rent about 10 million dollars.

desire to get the rests of the rate of Hitler declared a management of Klimovsk cartridge factory situated near Moscow. Russians want suit a museum of combat material and arms in an extensive vault, to adjust rather favourable as they consider, tourist business.

Such activity in struggle for possession of so odious object of history has already frightened not only local authorities, but also inhabitants. As the chairman of Vinnitsa country council Yury Ivans, " has declared; not simple object and it it is impossible to give it to the first comer even if that will offer very big money . Ivanov is afraid that the new owner will start to conduct excavation in Hitler`s rate and thereby will wake the sleeping monster . And local residents are afraid that together with tourists also pilgrims - nazis from the different countries here will rush. They cautiously bypass a den the party till now. And their fears are not groundless. Three years prior to the death the well-known Bulgarian prophetess Vanga has declared that sees in Ukraine the wolf hole also has warned: Danger of death traps everyone who will risk to enter into a vault . And the Russian foreteller Paul Globa has defined it as Harm pole .