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From a hammer

debtors have ten days on reserving the property described by police officers, for this purpose it is necessary to extinguish debts only. If it does not occur, motor vehicles will be sold from the auctions, - the representative " has declared; Dalenergo Artem Lukin. - For debtors a variant with sale of cars not the best, after all their cost exceeds debt size. At a rough guess, each of cars costs from one and a half dollars to three thousand .

Under arrest go not only cars. Recently court enforcement officers of Vladivostok have arrested in apartment of one of inhabitants at once eleven units of expensive technics, including printers, copiers, the scanner, the computer. The owner who was, already, of equipment has run into debt Dalenergo about 17 thousand roubles for heating and about 10 thousand roubles - for the electric power.

the Company on struggle against defaulters of the electric power has accepted mass character in Vladivostok. Only in 2003 lawyers Dalenergo about collecting of debts from physical persons 15 694 claims have brought an action against the sum about 74,8 million roubles.

Having learnt that concerning their property the claim prepares, many shtrafniki find at once money and liquidate debts. The same who continues to persist, the judgement and visit of police officers - executors finally wait. In this case people should pay not only an amount of debt together with a fine, but also a legal cost. According to Artema Lukina, more than half of debts under claims it is already paid.