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Irina Ratushinsky about orthodox traditions

the Russian writer Irina Ratushinsky - the person the believer. It is reflected in its products, not without reason in the life it received some awards for the books connected with religious subjects. Irina and her family observe all orthodox traditions. The correspondent has asked to tell, how in its house usually prepare for Easter and as will celebrate this year.



Just in case I would like to give one advice. On Easter and children, and adults can eat too much of eggs that leads then to an allergy. It is not recommended to eat irrespective of age in a feast more than three eggs.

the House

to Decorate the house by Easter it is very simple. The beautiful cloth is put on a table with a paschal pattern. On a plate Easter cakes are put, round them eggs are put.

On all house specially cut out paper angels are hanged out. We still do so - we take eggs, we pierce them from two parties a needle and we blow all contents. There is a shell which is painted by multi-coloured felt-tip pens.

In a vase the branch which is decorated here by such ornamented empty eggs beaded on a thread is put. It turns out very beautifully.

We even tried to hang up such ornaments on laths of curtains in a room. However, thus curtains should not move.


For Easter we like to play ancient game. Different chocolate eggs, and also souvenir are bought: stone, crystal. After that eggs hide in different places. It is possible in the house, it is possible in a garden (if is).

to Children baskets stand out, and... Who of more eggs will find and will collect? Children usually in delight. And this pleasure is passed adults. And why and to it not to play?

- the First that I do, - Irina Ratushinsky tells, - I get from a case those special paschal things which I use only week in a year. These are the embroidered cloths knitted by a hook still by hands of my mother lacy napkins, small baskets of the different sizes. As the part of small baskets leaves on gifts, every year I dokupaju still a quantity. Besides, I buy 5 - 6 different sets of paints. Why so it is a lot of? Yes because in the house - children, also are to whom to participate in preparation for a feast. I buy paints in a temple. Almost at any temple there is a church bench where sets of paints for Easter eggs and a label for them are on sale. There are they cheaply - not more expensively the trolleybus ticket.

Then I take a considerable quantity of glass jars, I plant a paint and... Here it is necessary to tell that process of painting of eggs is a wonderful celebratory ceremonial in the house. As a rule, eggs paint on the Holy Week on Friday. On Wednesday all have confessed, on Thursday - prichastilis. The house is cleaned and washed up. And Friday - day serious both sad. And process of painting of eggs - a bright stain of pleasure in the middle of this grief. Children thus do not play pranks, not perevozbuzhdajutsja, and houses silently.

Eggs for Easter should be bought necessarily white because the brown give at colouring not that colour. To paint eggs it is possible in the various ways - them in our house we have tested all. Most simple - to paint how it is written on the instruction to a paint. Here two variants. The first - you throw eggs in boiling water with dye and you cook. With the second - you plant a paint in bank with boiled water, and already in advance welded egg you lower there. We use the second - therefore I is more often and I adapt much banok. There are national ways. For example, to paint eggs with an onions peel. It is just necessary to cook together with it egg, and it becomes brown - golden. One more way - colouring by dried cornflowers. Fans to paint in such a way dry cornflowers even in the summer. If to cook egg together with these colours, it becomes wonderful cornflower-blue colour.

Sometimes egg wind with colour threads available in the house which have property to fade. Then cook, and strips from threads form a wonderful abstract pattern.

There is a traditional way of a wax list of egg. Put wax a pattern and throw egg in dye which should be not so hot that wax has not thawed. When egg is painted, under wax there are places of white colour. Then it is necessary to put egg in boiled water that wax has thawed and has emerged, and on egg it turns out beautiful trafaretnyj a pattern.

We in a family consider that paschal jaichko - the best gift to a feast. Therefore we paint at least forty eggs. Then I give to children of a napkin and a saucer with vegetable oil. Children wipe it eggs which start to shine at once beautifully. But krashenyh eggs we so do not process a part. We postpone them separately, and I give to children gold and silver felt-tip pens of a different thickness. Each egg should be obligatory cold, and to wipe its butter in nowise it is impossible, because the paint will spread. Children that is called, come off .

It is possible to write on egg two capital letters HV - Christ is risen, it is possible to draw flowers, strips, birds, animal. Children especially like to do nominal eggs for the friends. Write a name of the friend or the girl-friend and draw a picture specially for them.

After that to a course there are baskets and lacy napkins. If is not present in the house of made of cloth or lacy napkins, it is possible to cut out the paper. The basket, vystelennaja a napkin where it is carefully laid jaichko or two, covered with branches or florets, - here and turns out the present paschal gift.

Nou - hau

It for those who goes at night to a temple on easter vigil, and on Religious procession. Nights at us cold, Easter windy. During Religious procession people go with the lighted candles, and the wind blows into them. What to do? Many believers take plastic bottles, cut them half-and-half and thus protect a candle from a wind. But this way is not so good - plastic can and light up. In our family there is the nou - hau. It is necessary to go to shop IKEA and to buy there a set of multi-coloured plastic glasses. Plastic there strong - it from a candle will not light up. In advance it is necessary to be reserved by stoppers from konjachnyh bottles. It is necessary to take such stopper and to drill in it a through aperture - such that the candle has entered into it. In a glass bottom the aperture - under diameter of a stopper too is drilled. The stopper is put in a glass bottom, a candle - in a stopper. It also burns in a glass. We such small lamps we do for all friends. All are very happy.