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Are thrown and forgotten

Just the government of Estonia has refused to thirty Russian military pensioners and members of their families granting of constant residence permits. Official Tallinn does not explain a cause of a failure. But thus declares that the Russian military pensioners are put into the list on which extends estonsko - the Russian agreement on social guarantees it and to members of their families .

According to the agreement signed in 1994 Estonian party is obliged to give to military pensioners residence permit, however is not specified, which. In 2002 one of veterans, Evgenie Miroshnichenko to whom have refused granting of constant residence permit, has reached the State court of Estonia and has won the claim in connection with discrepancies in the law.

Nevertheless the permission has not been given it. Official Tallinn to be saved from situation repetition, in December of last year has approved the legislative amendments depriving to possibility of granting of constant residence permits to the retired Soviet military man and members of their families. Thus pensioners are not threatened with dispatch from Estonia. However they can count only on time - within five years - residence permits.

the Chairman of presidium of the union of the veteran organisations of Estonia Sergey Smirnov has told to the correspondent that all in Estonia about six thousand military pensioners and their native on which this agreement extends. A part of these people - participants of the Great Patriotic War.

at the age of 70 - 80 years have left the Survived veterans without the elementary human rights. to us it is very insulting. At us the Russian citizenship. We have no political rights, we can not choose local authorities though we work and we contain this power, we pay taxes. All of us do, as citizens of Estonia - Smirnov has told. Our veterans have lived in Estonia on 30 - 40 years, here worked, had a constant residence permit till 1990. After disorder of Soviet Union at them problems have begun.

it is important to notice that similar problems which our pensioners in Estonia face, do not exist in Latvia and Lithuania.

Behind comments concerning the voiced problem it was converted into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Deputy director DIP the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Michael Trojan has declared that this point in question is in the field of attention the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the Ministry of Defence. Already in the preliminary plan the question was discussed within the limits of Russian - Estonian commission on social guarantees of pensioners of armed forces.


to Continue on Estonian television (ETV) translation of programs in Russian it is expensive and senseless - the director of ETV Ilmar Raag has declared.

Already now transfers ETV in Russian, according to polls, look basically Estonians. To confront with propagation going from the Russian TV channels, the separate local Russian-speaking TV channel " is necessary; - head ETV considers.

As he said, Russian-speaking programs are broadcast only for that proof that in democratic Estonia there is no discrimination of national minorities.