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New happiness letters will arrive in July

the New mechanism of formation of the future pensions it is entered as a result of pension reform from the beginning of 2002. On personal memory bills of citizens the part of pension deductions from the sums monthly paid by employers from fund of payment as a part of the uniform social tax began to arrive. And last year in the autumn the future pensioners had an opportunity the eyes to see, how much all - taki money has been translated on account of their future pensions. The Pension fund has dispatched the information on it to all working citizens of Russia, on age getting to reform. Simultaneously everyone should solve how to dispose of the sum specified in the letter from the Pension fund (these letters in the people became ironic to name happiness letters ) . As a result of 700 thousand (absolutely small percent from total number) the future pensioners were entrusted by the accumulation to private management companies. But also the others doubting have not lost such possibility - procedure of mailing of information letters from PF and the choice of the managing director under the law is made for pension accumulation annually.

the Application form of the insured person about a choice of an investment portfolio (management company) under the established form together with the information on the sum saved up at present on the memory bill it will be directed by the Pension fund of the Russian Federation to citizens (to men more youngly 1952 year of birth and to women 1957 year of birth is younger) by mail not later than July, 1st, 2004 we Will remind that this procedure according to the pension legislation henceforth became annual.

the Legislation to the citizen gives the right to choose a way of accumulation of pension, having entrusted the pension accumulation of one of the private management companies chosen at competition, or the state management company. Thus, once a year each of the future pensioners has an opportunity to correct process of accumulation of a part of the future pension - to change earlier chosen private management company or to return the means under management of the state management company.

the Order of filing of application of the worker to the Pension fund in comparison with last year practically has not changed. Filing of application not on the form, and in the simple written form with observance of the established form is supposed. It is important for knowing to the future pensioner, after all in case of non-observance of the established form the statement will not be accepted the Pension fund of the Russian Federation to execution, and means of the given insured person remain in management company earlier chosen by it.

the Statement moves the citizen in territorial body of the Pension fund in a residence personally or otherwise - for example, the certified mail. In the latter case the identification and check of authenticity of the signature on the statement is necessary:

at the notary or in an order established by point 3 of article 185 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation;

at the official of consular establishment of the Russian Federation in cases if the insured person is outside of the Russian Federation;

at body (organisation) with which at the Pension fund of the Russian Federation the agreement on the mutual certificate of signatures is entered into.

the Personal signature on the statement is put down in the presence of the worker of the Pension fund or the organisation with which at the Pension fund the agreement on the mutual certificate of signatures is entered into.