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Vladimir. Rouble we write, billion in mind

Circulation on state chambers

to Working pensioners annually is reconsidered an insurance part of pension. For this purpose in the beginning of year it is necessary to make the statement. Its and vladimirskiy pensioner Nikolay Mihajlovich Dmitrys has written. In summary it was discouraged in judicial system.

- I Receive the pension after recalculation and I see that it has increased all by 25 roubles, - has told to the correspondent RG Dmitriev. - I have gone in PFR, I ask, why so is a little added? And to me explain: the Vladimirskiy tractor factory for 2002 has listed us only 38 percent of insurance payments .

But Dmitriev has not calmed down and has decided to search for truths at the world judge of the area. Not one month trial lasted. Sessions from - for absences of representatives of factory were twice postponed. The judge has suggested the elderly worker to take in the Pension fund the official inquiry on that, how much factory for a year has listed on a pension bill and how much it was necessary.

- And in branch PFR to me speak: on hands of the inquiry we do not give, let the court itself will request, - my interlocutor continues the story about the drudgeries. - asked them, asked. And have not given. On the third session has come - taki representative PFR and has confirmed that the enterprise in full and has not listed the pension.

So, at last have found out that truth on the party of the pensioner. But it is fast only a fairy tale affects

- I on Thirteenth of October have come to the world judge behind the court order. And it refuses to me: the Tractor factory as the legal body can deal with the Pension fund, but not with you. Go in PFR and put in the statement addressed to the managing director that have opened business in arbitration court. Then with this decision come to us, and we will give out sheet for judicial execution - Dmitriev makes a helpless gesture.

you Will lose also the salary

However on it the distressful claimant has decided to put an end and not to push any more luck - health any more that.

- For a year I have lost roubles 500 - 600. Perhaps I will not grow poor. But how it is not a shame to plunder people for such copeck?! - It finishes the history.

Copeck copeck, but at factory of such pensioners, as Dmitriev, hundreds. And how much in area scales? According to all available information, employers have run into debt to branch PFR across Vladimir region more than one billion roubles of insurance payments. And experts, as a matter of experience, do not doubt that the solid part of these debts and remains outstanding.

to Court enforcement officer Oleg Goldovu who under the order of the main police officer of area works with the largest debtors, for last year it was possible to return 10 million roubles. And it, apparently, the big achievement.

- Among hopeless debtors, for example, - State Unitary Enterprise Vladimiroblteploenergo and it is obvious that to receive 4 million from it it will not be possible. Financial activity there is not conducted, all is leased to other organisation. And that and - the problem debtor and without five minutes the bankrupt, - slightly opens the kitchen Golds to the correspondent RG .

And here to predict, it will be possible to return what part of shortages this year, it does not undertake. It is not difficult to present, as all it will be reflected in the future pensions of thousand people.

Logically to struggle with pension debts it would be necessary more actively, than with salary delays. After all full of strength the person at able-bodied age eventually can pass to other enterprise where the salary and is more, and is paid in time, and after all impotent old men completely depend on the small pension.

With this thought it agree and Vladimir Solovev operating branch PFR:

- Having received the letter with the report on the means which have been saved up on your personal bill, operate, - he resolutely declares.

- As? - I am interested.

- At first be converted to the employer behind an extract from the personal account. If refuses, go to us. The pension fund will help to prepare the claim and will act on court as the third party, protecting interests of the worker, - my interlocutor explains.

However week of searches by the correspondent RG individual fighters for the pension rights, alas, has not crowned by success. In regional justice department, without having remembered any such example in courts of law, have directed me to world judges. But also there in struggle for the pension rights the calm reigned.

It turns out, Dmitriev`s attempt for today unique?

Nightingales are remembered hardly by one more case.

- last year the petition on the employer was submitted by the woman. To it have granted pension without insurance payments for previous year as the employer has not listed them and has not given the data in PFR in the put term. To the middle of summer pension have counted, but we have advised to it to be converted again into court with the claim about compensation of the sum underpaid for this period. The pensioner has won.

Well, and where other able-bodied citizens,   at which pension not far off?

- Are afraid to spoil relations with the employer. Passivity of our people is terrible, but after all actually they are not protected, - the managing director ascertains.

Yes, the common sense in similar humility is. Try to demand from the owner to pay insurance payments - you will lose not only the future pension, but also the present salary!

the pension on a circle

Goes Having heard my question by phone, the world judge of the October disctrict of the city of Vladimir Irina Markova, that to which pensioner Dmitrys was converted, has suggested to meet:

- In my practice there was such business, - she has remembered. - the worker of tractor factory Was converted into court. But I have refused to it the claim requirement as it is the inadequate claimant. It has advised to it to be converted in PFR.

The matter is that the insurance pension payments making along with deductions in funds sotsstraha and OMS the uniform social tax, are listed not from the salary of the worker, and from payment fund, that is belong to the employer. Here also it turns out: To the physical person to demand return of debts from the legal person - all the same what to get into another`s pocket. And that is why without PFR which on behalf of the state guarantees to the person pension to solve this problem it is impossible. Arguments Markovoj are that in brief.

- Means, to go to the world judge pension to the claimant it is useless? - I specify.

- the Competence of world judges - labour or receivership proceeding. I can accept the claim on action or inactivity of officials. But on pension to the requirement, - explains Markova, - property you will not collect

However as has found out the correspondent RG the no more productively personal reference and in court of law. By rules, the money listed in PFR on a judgement, is distributed under all abacus, and carried case two copecks can get . But thus it will already lose the right to be converted into court repeatedly as its claim requirements are satisfied. In a word, and here the person is legislatively excluded from struggle process for a worthy old age and cannot defend the rights directly.

There is a hope of local governments. On elections their representatives do not feel sorry promises of good life, and huge debts such - strong blow on welfare of people. But the local authorities while are far from these problems. Why? Yes all because sharply does not suffice civil activity of the population. Here such the vicious circle turns out.